Campo del Cielo Jewelry For Heavenly Jewelry Lovers

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Posted: Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Campo del Cielo Jewelry For Heavenly Jewelry Lovers

Campo del Cielo, a meteorite fallen from sky years ago is now used in making mind-boggling silver gemstone jewelry. Yes, the legendary Campo del Cielo's tale is, the rich its jewelry items look. The Campo del Cielo meteorite is believed to fell around 4000 to 6000 years ago, although it was first recorded by a Spanish governor in 1576. It is said that it has fallen at a place called Campo del Cielo in Argentina and from there on known by this name. The Campo del Cielo has some heavenly powers stored in it and if you use this stone in the form of jewelry then the joy gets doubled. Some of the popular Silver Campo del Cielo Jewelry items are:

Campo del Cielo pendants:  All the extraterrestrial body lovers and believers of heavenly energy, a Campo del Cielo pendant is a great item for you all to buy. It has magical powers when it hangs close to heart, in your neck, it surely going to give you relieve in all your pains and turmoil. The pendants we design are very easy to carry on a day to day basis and are made of 925 sterling silver.

Campo del Cielo Earrings:  Earrings are every girls’ priority and when you have the option to pick several of them at an affordable price then why to stop? The Campo del Cielo Earrings leave an outstanding impression. The combination of dark-colored stone and silver metal design stands ethnic and rich. We, precisely craft earrings for every type of face cut and make sure that they are super comfortable to wear.

Campo del Cielo rings: Campo del Cielo rings have some charm about them, they look vintage yet so look. We, GEMEXI, design unisex rings in varied sizes and president you a great range to choose from. Our artisans work for hours to shape up the designs and then beautifully craft the Campo del fieldstone on it. 

Our Campo del Cielo jewelry collection is vast, you must visit our site and select the best piece for you at the best price. But wait, before you go on our site, let’s read some healing benefits that one receives from wearing Campo del Cielo Silver Jewelry

Campo del Cielo boosts skills and competencies. It fuels your growth, brings you new insights and helps you in performing better. If you have any issues like stress, deficiency of iron, the tension in muscles or headaches then this gemstone will help. The problem of fertility plus strengthening of the immune system is also solved with this stone. Pains of joints, arthritis, swelling, and inflammation to get cured with it besides the physical issues, Campo del Cielo promotes positivity, it improves creativity and balances your chakras. If you are stick with some problem, this stone will assist in resolving the matter in an inventive way. It enables you to work hard constantly and is very beneficial for your business and career. It bound to bring success and progress

Campo de Celio is a very grounding stone, it helps you keeping your feet firmly planted while you try to touch the sky. It supports your auric field and is a wonderful stone for meditation. It allows you to communicate with alien intelligence and higher beings. 

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