Black is the New White in the Year 2015, the Finest Tahitian Pearl Bling of the Year

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Black is the New White in the Year 2015, the Finest Tahitian Pearl Bling of the Year

Black pearls are rare and out of the ordinary, as if the ratio is calculated only single black pearl is found in every 15,000 oysters. They are too appraised for their charismatic charm, so contemplates something of a show stopper in the world of fashion.

Tahitian Pearls

Black Pearls

In the world of the pearl jewelry fashion, black is the new white for gem lovers. The black pearl often called as Tahitian pearls are found in the Pinctada margaritifera.

Black Pearl

 Pinctada margaritifera is known by the name ‘black lip oyster’ and the pearl formed in this oyster got its name for the region where it is cultivated.

Pearls Natural

Black Pearls in Black Lip Oyster

Tahitian pearl is cultivated around the island of French Polynesia, near by Tahiti. The ‘black lip oyster’ holds a thick black band on its Perlmutt that gives a darker tint to its pearl. An oyster holds the propensity to grow in size, as the size grows the pearl inside the oyster too grows in size.

black pearl beads

The first name that comes in the industry of pearl and pearl jewelry is YOKO London, it is exclusively noted for its exquisite pearl and pearl jewelry. The renowned jewelry house of United Kingdom, holds the aspiring history as its predecessors too been handling the world's most beautiful pearls for almost 300 years. YOKO London earns the name for its exquisite pearl, since 1973 they are sourcing the some of the world’s most gargantuan and outlandish pearls. The pearls are not not large in size and uncommon to find, they too holds the essence of rare hues. The best example is black Tahitian pearls.

Black Pearl Necklace

Black Pearl Necklace

In the year 2013, the V&A Museum throws the pearl exhibition and invites the YOKO London. The quintessence of pearls presented by the YOKO London was seen there. In the world of Pearls, YOKO luxury house holds the preeminent position.


YOKO London repute in the world of fine and exclusive pearls attracts the celebrities to wear them.

black pearls yoko london necklace

 Yoko London Black Pearls Necklace

Natalia Vodianova, a Russian model along with British actresses Charlotte Riley too shows their attraction towards the pearl jewelry designed by YOKO London. Many other famous people like Kara Tointon and Natalie Dormer also showcase the their jewelry love by wearing the YOKO’s designer jewel pieces.


Natalie Vodianova's Pearl Yoko London Necklace


Charlotte Riley Yoko London Pearl Ring

Charlotte Riley's Yoko London Pearl Ring

Michael Hakimian, CEO at Royal Jewelry tells about Tahitian pearl at the couture show held in Las Vegas. Hakimian is the seventh generation of his family to work with jewels. Michael tells about the Tahitian pearl texture, its rarity and look along with its  wide range of colors. The color may alter from all shades of brightness to dark gray even to dark black. Tahitian pearl with perfect black tint has a lot of goniochromism. Hence, the perfect black appears to radiate out little bit of green, imperial as well red hue.


The best example of the dark black Tahitian pearls can be seen in this neck piece. At the heart is a large black Tahitian pearl that little by little makes way to lighter gray and then silvery white Australian South Sea pearls. To discover the pearls of this quality takes years and to chain them into a jewel piece takes a great deal of forbearance.

pearl necklace

Tihitian Pearl Necklace and Earrings


Alessio Boschi, an Italian jewelry house in the exhition showcase its ‘Volcano pearl collection’. The jewely designs of this jewel house are breath taking as the designs are fabricated with the large black and grey Tahitian Keshi pearls and sapphires. The designs are so exciting that it seems like they are emitting out the heat of the detonation.

Alessio Boschi's Volcano Pearl Necklace and Bracelet with Sapphires

Alessio Boschi's Volcano Pearl Necklace and Bracelet with Sapphires


Alessio Boschi's Volcano Pearl Necklace with Sapphires

Alessio Boschi's Volcano Pearl Necklace with Sapphires


Alessio Boschi's Volcano Pearl Ring with Sapphires

Alessio Boschi's Volcano Pearl Ring with Sapphires


Autore pearl ring from the ‘Orchid collection’ of the same jewel house is truly magnetizing as it is fabricated in pavé of pink diamonds and white gold with a plump of Tahitian Keshi pearls.


Autore's Orchid Ring

Tahitian pearls create a temptation in the hearts the jewelry lovers. Further, as a dark wonder gem of the sea it creates its space in the world of jewels. Tahitian pearls are espoused by the gemstone lovers as a trendy alternative to traditional white pearls. The elegant and ageless quality of this dark gem wins the heart of the multitude.

Black Pearl Ring

Black Pearl Ring

In spite of being cited to as black pearls, Tahitian pearls with darker hues, like a Tiffany pearl necklace from the Blue Book collection, are rare and hence valuable.

Tiffany Blue Book Tahitian Pearl Necklace

Tiffany Blue Book Tahitian Pearl Necklace

Tahitian pearls vary in size and it ranges from 8mm to 18mm, they are thick, durable Perlmutt. The magnetizing luster of these black pearls attracts the attention of the jewelry lovers. In the history of pearls, the black pearls are first cultured for commercial use in 1965. Tahitian pearls are cultured in the shallow lagoons of French Polynesia island. Today, the pearl industry of French Polynesia island accounts an annual export of $20 million that is more than half of the country’s exports.

Since the 17th century, the love for Tahitian pearl can be noticed in the jewel choices of both men as well as women. In fact, till today folks prefer these dark horses of the sea as an alternative to the white pearls.

The leaves, their impression with every jewel piece, no matter with which gem it is combined. They can be combined with a diamond or white gold like in YOKO London pearl earrings.

YOKO London Black Pearl Earrings

YOKO London Black Pearl Earrings

Further, they are embedded in the yellow gold like in Coomi earrings to proffer the air of mystique moreover elegance.

Coomi Tahitian Pearl Earrings

Coomi's Tahitian Pearl Earrings

Contemporary jewelry patterns speculate to play with the charisma of the varied colors along with shapes that proffers the pearl jewelry a texture of elegance.


Anthony Lent, master jeweler and designer along with Jordan Alexander, a renowned jeweler of Los Angeles too uses the beauty of Tahitian pearls of different tints. The variegated hues of the black pearl lend a feel, a beauty of their creations.

jordan alexander tahitian pearl necklace

Jordan Alexander's Tahitian Pearl Necklace


Jemma Wynne likewise uses the gray blue gems in the pearl neck piece that gives a mesmerizing contrast to the twine of yellow gold.

Jemma WynneTahitian Pearl Necklace

Jemma Wynne's Tahitian Pearl Necklace

Baroque Tahitian pearl adds the seductive appeal in their ‘Freeform shape’ designer jewelry. The Freeform designer bracelets by Mizuki portrays the down to earth ‘organic’ appeal appeal to its designs.

Mizuki Black Freeform Baroque Pearl Bracelet

Mizuki's Black Freeform Baroque Pearl Bracelet


Savannah Stranger’s pearl earrings too creates a mesmerizing aura all around.

Savannah Stranger Tahitian Pearl Earrings

Savannah Stranger's Tahitian Pearl Earrings

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