Award Season Jewelry - Statement Jewels at the Oscars

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Award Season Jewelry - Statement Jewels at the Oscars

Red carpet shoots mean a lot not only to the stars who are touching the sky of the feat but also to the rising one. Oscars 2015, the 87th annual Academy Awards, blasted at the Dolby Theatre, exhibiting the good looks of various Hollywood Celebs. Eyes got stuck on their attires well accessorized with precious stuff.

Let’s exalt the opulent gawk of the reel icons:

Nicole Kidman

Famed for her matchless style, Nicole Kidman toned her glistening Oscar gown with the precious Harry Winston diamonds, clutching the worth of over 100 carats. These, in emerald-cut contour, embellished with a pair of platinum studs, were adding four moons to her gaze. Also, her platinum wristband engraved with diamonds and her two diamond finger pieces, one solitaire and a band, appended her in the never-ending gossip record.


Felicity Jones

Nominee for the first time, the player of The 'Theory of Everything', Felicity Jones was founded supplementing a sensational touch to her heavily adorned bodice with a satin robe. Her blinks from Van Cleef & Arpels, a pair of yellow and white diamond ear candies and platinum and diamond bracelet completed her glam look.


Margot Robbie

The public eye of that eve was Morgot Robbie, who stepped out on the red carpet in her era-loving piece of Van Cleef & Arpels coupling with a V-neck black gown by Saint Laurent. These charms, decorated with all time hit Sapphire and Diamond crystals in 18k gold. She added that her statement necklace stores a value that holds her top priority. She felt herself lucky looping it.


Norman Silverman

Chic, cool and classic, the three C’s, that she, Norman Silverman, made us expect from her. She appeared carrying her peach shade gown, festooned collar from Thakoon’s Wardrobe. Oh my-my!! It was not an ordinary one, as was engraving diamonds in the five rows. Also, tucking her dress perfectly, it was delighting her royal gape. Don’t ignore her diamond cluster ear pieces toting up the charm to her.


Zoe Saldana

A new proud mother, Zoe Saldana, after being blessed with twin boys, witnessed her first arrival on the red carpet, this year. She felt like on the world’s top, tying her, diamond and platinum neck jewel worth $1million by Neil Lane with her long satin outfit.

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