Are You Familiar With Chrome Diopside Jewelry?

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Mar 16, 2020
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Are You Familiar With Chrome Diopside Jewelry?

Blooming with deep green color and carrying the ravishing clarity, Chrome Diopside is a new-found love of jewelers. When embedded with precious metals, it turns out to be mind-blowing Chrome Diopside jewelry collection. Chrome Diopside is a fairly recent addition in the gem world and is also known as Russian Diopside. It has literally allured people around. It is a symbol of a fresh start and positive energy. It carries the lush green element of earth and is known for its vitreous luster. 

The word diopside is derived from the Greek word ‘di’ meaning two and ‘opsis’ meaning vision. It is fairly a chromium laden form of diopside. Due to the striking resemblance to emerald and some other garnet, and also affordability, this gem is on its immense stardom. It ranks 5-6 on the Mohs Scale of hardness and looks breathtaking when converted into jewelry items. The popular Silver 

Chrome Diopside Jewelry items are:

Chrome Diopside rings

Slipping on a big stone ring is the easiest way to show your class and when this big stone radiates captivating green hue then nobody can escape admiring your class. Well, big stone rings are every women's dream but converting the big expenses of big stone rings, here, we, GEMEXI brings an affordable range of Chrome Diopside rings.

Chrome Diopside pendants

A deep forest green hue on fair bosom looks outstanding. When an artistic design clubs with rich stone-like chrome diopside, the jewelry items 100 times better. Minimal yet smart pendants are quick picks for women and We, GEMEXI are making such great affordable Chrome Diopside pendants which are light and looks rich at the same time.

Chrome Diopside Earrings

A pair of gorgeous green earrings are a must for women. The green color goes very well on any color of clothing and looks very regal. When emerald and other greenstone come with such a big price tag, it is better to buy a set of Chrome Diopside Earrings. We, Gemini create beautiful studs and drop earrings in chrome diopside stone.

Benefits of wearing chrome diopside:

According to legends, chrome diopside is a highly transformative crystal that enhances the wearer’s creative visualization and intellectual pursuits. It is the best charm for career advancement and prosperity. It has the power of trust, love, humility, and commitment. It offers guidance and boosts the confidence of a wearer. Chrome diopside is also known for cleansing and getting rid of negativity. 

In all chrome, diopside has numerous benefits. May you carry it in the form of jewelry or as a single stone, the magic is bound to feel. It will set your system for renewal and re-energizing. It balances the entire chakra system and is good to treat headaches, blood pressures, circulatory system issues and recovering from post-illness. Just like emerald and other green stones, it also stands for wealth and success. 

The green color of chrome diopside is one of the most sought after colors. We have a team of talented artisans who with all patience, beautifully handcraft all the jewelry in the finest 925 sterling silver. The range is wide and the prices are affordable. Come, browse our site and pick your favorite Silver Chrome Diopside Jewelry from us. You can also shop for gifting purposes. The silver we use is absolutely non-allergic and the designs we offer are 100% unique. We are one of the old and authentic wholesalers of silver jewelry and believe in serving our customers best.

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