A Taste, of Trend in Baseworld 2015

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  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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A Taste, of Trend in Baseworld 2015

Baseworld is an international trade show that showcases the collection of jewelry as well as watches. The collection perks up the visitors’ spirit and helps them to enjoy the preview of some astounding jewels. This trade show continues apace and is held every year in spring time in Basel (Switzerland). 

Baseworld every year attracts more than 120,000 visitants from around 100 countries. The exhibitors who participate in this show features over 1,460 and they speculate to be best in their respective art fields. These visitants are the Globetrotters as they imbibe the skills and desires of the people by knowing them. So they act as unitary to make the whole show successful moreover important and largest in the world of jewels as well as watches.

Baseworld 2015 was held betwixt 19-26 March to display the globe’s more than 1500 brands from 40 countries. It is the world biggest event that dispenses the glow of latest trend in jewelry furthermore watch industry. The radiance of the latest styles captivates the audience that forces them to praise the skill and artistry of the designers. This year more than an estimated 150,000 or more visitants attracted to the show to discern the sparkling stones.

The accouter of luxury pieces of jewels or watches, flabbergast the visitants and in no time 141,000 square meter area of the exhibition as jam packed to take a glimpse of the precious stones. The sparkling diamonds and Coruscant pearls became the show stopper of this magnificent show trade. Other highlight of this show is Gaff’s designs; the company showcases its beautifully designed set of ornate sapphire and diamond brooch along with the disguised watch.

gemology baselworld jewelry

The uniqueness of this brooch is that it is worn in three different styles. This sumptuous brooch is set with more than 330 carats of sapphire gem beads that are tassel one by one. A tiny diamond watch is too embedded into the brooch whose face is dangled with a platinum chain.

Japan's representative jeweler, Mikimoto stopped the passers-by in the last year’s show with his stunning design of Sun & Clouds pearl necklace.


mikimoto sun and clouds pearl necklace


Mikimoto is the one who introduce the trend of fusing pearls with the colored gems. This year he too shows some great and mesmerizing combinations of the gems that include crystal color Hyacinthia earrings that contrast irregular non-spherical shape baroque pearls with glossy uncut tanzanites.

mikimoto hyacinthia earrings

Yoko London, a jewelry shop of exquisite pearls and diamonds unveils its phenomenal pearl necklace and earrings set. This incredible set is made up of natural pearls that hold the scintillating tones of blue, mauve along with gray, purple as well as pink.

yoko london pearl necklace


This exhilarating jewel set too embedded some colored gems and diamonds.

black pearls yoko london necklace

The set is crafted from the black gold that creates a sleek moreover trendy look that is the USP of Yoko's fine jewelry collections.

This season the Chopard jeweler’s too launched its new art inspired jewelry addition of forever diamonds. His addition ensorcells, say enrapture the visitants of the Basel trade show.

Spring season brings the bloom of spring collection of rose or white gold pendants, rings as well as earrings. The freshness of these jewels is encrusted with the diamonds.

chopard rings

chopard earrings

chopard pendant

Baselworld 2015, show rocks with the stunning trends of the vibrant and colorful gems. Several renowned jewelry brands showcase their uniqueness with their engaging designs.

Sutra's is a distinguished as well as illustrious red carpet brand that also shows its idiosyncratic and peculiar jewel designs in the trade show.


sutra ruby earring


The Hollywood celebs mostly wear Sutra's designs like Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Halle Berry.


The emerald rings of this brand with the matching earrings are the winsome piece of the baselworld furthermore rubies from Mozambique too captivate the eyes of the visitants.


mozambique ruby drop pendant

Last year rose gold jewels were the stage winner; this year yellow gold is too seen. The jewelry icon Mattia Cielo use the pink-hued rose gold in its bracelet designs. Pavone new collection too uses plain rose gold with the embedded diamonds.


mattia- ielo rose gold bracelet

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