A Journey With A Calcite Jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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A Journey With A Calcite Jewelry


In white, yellow, pink, orange, colorless and for that matter any other color, owing to the dyable quality, Calcite is one gemstone that is sprinkled all across the world in a range of dazzling colors and shapes. Principally, as calcite in the form of limestone (calcareous rocks) cover 40% of the earth’s surface. They are the most widely distributed minerals. Calcite is a calcium carbonate which has been crystallized in hexagonal form. The name derives from a Latin word Calx which means lime. 
Practically, we feel that if you are an ardent gemstone jewelry collector then on opening your box, you might already find a few of calcite pieces lying there. Ya, since it is so commonly available, people really have long and interesting journeys with it. But if you don’t have one, don’t worry, let us tell you how spellbinding can your journey be.
Calcite is said to embrace with amazing centering and grounding properties. It is considered as a powerful amplifier and cleanser. Silver Calcite Jewelry does not just allow you to have a perfect piece for all your moods and outings but it also heals you on three different levels. 
Calcite rings: Wearing a calcite ring can aid many of your physical problems. It is excellent for gaining physical strength. It can treat back pain, teeth, eyes and generally work an agent in the detoxifying process. Since calcite has calcium content, it can treat bone disorders. It also helps in the formation of bones as well as can easily work to cure itching, irritated and red skin.
Calcite pendants: The calcite pendant when dangles near the heart, holds the power to heal you emotionally. It leads to mental development and inner illumination, for example; if you are very innocent by heart, this stone will make you strong and smart. It amplifies the learning capabilities and is the best agent to bring a solution or calmness in an escalating situation. It clears all negative vibes, reduces stress, and brings in the hope in the times of apprehensive moments. 
Calcite earrings: Calcite is believed to be a stone of spirituality and wisdom, therefore, wearing calcite in any form of jewelry will indeed increase your connection with spiritual energies that exist in the world. It brings in harmony to the wearer, ignites creativity and imagination and is sure to bring spiritual growth.
The availability of calcite in different colors makes it an although more useful healer. The calcite which is clear in color is believed to balance all the chakras of the wearer. The calcite which emits blue hues can treat throat chakra. The calcite which is green and pink in color stimulates the heart chakra well and the one with a reddish-brown layer activates the Solar Plexus chakra. 
Calcite is a birthstone for Capricorns but besides Capricorns, anyone who loves the healing from stones or for that matter particularly facing any issue mentioned above, can easily wear Silver Calcite Jewelry and feel the difference. At Gemexi, we have a unique and stylish Calcite jewelry collection from which you can select any piece in any color and top up your game of fashion by adding it to the right colored dress.

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