8 Tips on Buying Wholesale Earrings for Distributors

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Dec 16, 2020
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8 Tips on Buying Wholesale Earrings for Distributors

The demand for fashion jewelry has increased. There is a hike that is seen in the sales of the jewelry industry. Many people wear jewelry as they feel that it is a way of boosting their confidence also. As this industry is very large and its market is also increasing, competition is also increased. Therefore wholesalers & distributors should maintain stability and reliability in the market so that everyone can make a profit out of it. Since the increased demand for jewelry, no. of distributors and wholesalers have also started growing so that proper connectivity can be maintained between the marketers.

Benefits of distributors

  • There are certain benefits that a distributor has as a business. Some of them are as follow:
  • They have a wider marketplace to approach as they play a connection between the supplier and the customer. They make available an end product to its end consumer.
  • They ensure faster reach of the item to its customer as this business includes transportation and logistics, and they have ensured customers for better and faster reach of their items.
  • Generally, they offer efficient selling and marketing models for customers to attract them.
  • They have a ready to sell market available before sourcing their products.
  • As a business of suppliers, they don't incur the cost of storage and logistics. They have fewer burdens of facilities for moving products from the warehouse to the end customer.


Buying tips for distributor from a wholesaler

There are few tips suggested to a distributor for buying earrings or other jewelry accessories wholesale. These tips are explained as follow:
  1. Find a product niche: you need to identify the particular product to sell before starting a distribution business. Before choosing any supplier, it ensures that you will be choosing the best one so that you will be able to choose the target market.
  2. Be updated on the current trends: Every supplier wants to provide your customers with updated and trendy jewelry as the new trends influence everyone through social media and other platforms. People most likely to buy the latest trends in the jewelry market.
  3. Find a supplier: Finding suppliers for your business is one of the most difficult tasks. Suppliers are the connections between you and your customer. It is important to find out a trustworthy and reliable supplier who can facilitate the items to the customers is necessary for the business's success.
  4. Be wary of fake jewelry: As the jewelry market is very large and there is a large no. of suppliers. Some of the suppliers or manufacturers provide fake or low-quality jewelry that can harm your business. Do thorough research on the suppliers and their items to eliminate the fake ones.
  5. Have adequate knowledge of the industry: There are various types of products regarding this industry available in the market, similar to other industries. Before entering any industry, it is necessary to study the industry well about items or products. Adequate knowledge or information about the industry will help sell them off, and even your customers will also trust you.
  6. Have a budget: If anyone or you are new in the industry, it is recommended that before confirming any supplier, first test them and their product. Choose a low budget to not cause you a huge loss in case of any mishappening in the business. After some bestsellers, you can upgrade your business by adding some more amounts to it.
  7. Run product tests: do not buy too much of the products in the starting. You could start by buying pieces in small quantities so that you are still not at a big loss if the customers didn't like it. It will help you identify the customers' tastes and preferences and give you the flexibility to change the suppliers.
  8. Determine your customer base: Identifying your target audience or customer is the most important step while starting a new business. This will ensure your future profit and losses. Once you find your target customers, you will help you know the correct incentives to buy the products.

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