6 Tips You Must Be Aware Before Buying Two-Tone Victorian Jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Jul 9, 2022
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6 Tips You Must Be Aware Before Buying Two-Tone Victorian Jewelry

Queen Victoria had a quintessential taste when it came to jewelry and fashion. History stands as a witness, it's not hard to decipher how her trousseau oozed out luxury and royalty. So today, let’s take a deep dive into the royal world of Victoria and the many jewelry designs that she sensationalized forevermore. With our main focus zooming in on the chic Two-tone Victorian jewelry, we’ll also introduce you to 6 clever tips to be aware of before giving in to that coupled charm of gold and silver Victorian jewelry. Let’s start!

All About The Magnificent Jewelry Culture During The Royal Victorian Epoch:

  1. The Romantic Period ornaments were all about Motifs -

As the name suggests, romantic period ornaments were romantic in every aspect. This era was all about broaches, bracelets, cameos, and lockets. It came with floral motifs, vibrant gemstones, and gold as a base metal, signifying the love and honor between the Queen and Albert. This Jewelry also came with "Mizpah," which stood for "watchtower."


  1. The Grand Period jewels depicted Loss and Mourning -

This period became the age of mourning, and the Jewelry was made of black onyx and coal. Pearl seeds on them imitate tears to depict sadness and loss.


  1. The Aesthetic Period witnessed Transition -

This was the age of diamonds and silver jewelry. The Jewelry of this era is traditional as well as modern. Queen Alexandra brought the fashion of wearing a Victorian choker necklace, making it popular.

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Story Of The Two-tone Jewelry - What Sets This Particular Victorian Jewelry Style Apart From The Rest:

Who doesn't like to doll up and look good? And if you do, what's better than adding an earthy touch to it? The Two-tone Jewelry stands out in its unique way. Here are the reasons why-
  1. Victorian Two-tone Jewelry is extremely versatile, and you can pair it with different kinds of outfits. It goes well with almost everything.
  2. Having come from a different era, the Victorian Two-Tone Jewelry instantly adds an oomph factor to your overall look. It is rustic, elegant yet chic.
  3. Victorian Two-tone Jewelry reflects the artistic magnificence of the Victorian era. Its intricate details demonstrate the utmost care and love put into each jewelry piece.
  4. Victorian Two-tone Jewelry is unique as you are unlikely to find replicas of the same jewelry. Royalties used to wear it back in the time and passed it on generations. So, it often qualifies as heirloom jewelry.
  5. It’s priceless! While the price of gold or any similar jewelry depreciates once you buy the piece, the price of the Two-Tone Jewelry remains the same. It can increase over time as it is an antique but never falls.

6 Tips To Keep In Handy Before Buying Victorian Two-tone Silver & Gold Jewelry:

  1. Ensure you buy from a reputed supplier -

It is always advisable to buy vintage Jewelry from an authorized seller. Reputation brings a sense of morality, authenticity, and quality that you buy.

  1. Look closely at the jewelry -

Observing the Jewelry up close will help you understand if it is as old as the seller claims. If the Jewelry is free of wear and tear, the chances are that it is fake or went through a process of enhancement. Another good way to know is to look out for the Jewelry's weight and size.

  1. Do not hoard unnecessarily -

The most important thing to do while buying any jewelry is to pick and choose wisely. Get the one you love, and discard anything you do not see yourself wearing often. Sticking to classics is an excellent tip because it never goes out of style and adds great value to your collection.

  1. Consider the price point -

More often than not, we find some sellers auctioning or selling their Jewelry at a much lesser price. While it is understandable that money is a crucial factor, and there is no harm in wanting to save, be careful. You might end up buying a fake one only because it comes cheap. What's worse? You pay way more than the imitation stone's real worth.

  1. Nothing beats good research -

As someone rightly said, "knowledge is power," reading up well about the Jewelry will come in handy in times of need. It gives you an idea about the cuts, designs, color schemes, and antique value of pieces.

  1. There will always be a mark -

You will be thrilled to know that every vintage jewelry comes with a mark. So the next time you have your eyes set, look out for this mark. Please read about it on the internet or inquire your seller about it.

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How To Identify If Your Vintage Jewelry Is Worth The Price - 3 Red Flags To Watchout For:

Vintage Jewelry is gaining popularity steadily, creating a demand for the same in the market. It is no surprise that when there is a demand, there arises a scope of people trying to dupe you into buying a fake one. Here is how you can identify if it is worth the price you are paying -
  1. Your jewelry piece shines too much. Remember that it is antique Jewelry, so it cannot shine like a new one. Jade, Lapis, Chalcedony, and Jasper are some of the stones that one can dye to enhance the beauty of the gemstones.
  2. Be aware of synthetic and imitation stones. Sometimes low, quality stones can come together to make one, while the entire stone could be faux at other times.
  3. Always look for an authentication certificate. There is no better way to know about your Jewelry than from a certificate that guarantees its origin and composition.

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Where To Buy Premium Vintage Victorian Two-tone Jewelry Wholesale From:

Buying Premium Vintage Victorian Two-tone Jewelry can be a real task, especially because various websites sell them. But don't you worry, we have got you covered!


  1. 100% genuine products -

At Gemexi, our silver goes through a rigid quality test before making it to the production process to help us ensure that every piece of gemstone silver jewelry that reaches you, is fully genuine and authentic.


  1. Unique pieces -

At Gemexi, we house hundreds of varieties of premium sterling silver, handmade gemstone jewelry, and Victorian two-tone jewelry. From wholesale Victorian two-tone rings to Victorian two-tone 925 silver earrings wholesale - every piece of jewelry at Gemexi is “one of a kind”.


  1. Unparalleled customer service -

We, at Gemexi, are committed to bringing you the best - not only in terms of jewelry but also in the case of customer service. Our efficient and reliable after-sales service makes us one of the best wholesale silver jewelry dealers.

Don't wait for any more; immerse yourself in the epic two-tone trend today…

Gemexi's wonderful collection of wholesale Two-Tone Jewelry is all you need to rock any outfit. It's the perfect blend of timeless beauty and elegance.

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  • John
    Jul 27, 2022, 5:54:02 AM

    Victorian Two-tone Jewelry is unique as you are unlikely to find replicas of the same jewelry. Royalties used to wear it back in the time and passed it on generations. So, it often qualifies as heirloom jewelry. I like Queen victorian jewelry style.

  • Suzen
    Nov 24, 2022, 8:58:19 AM

    This blog was very informative. I was not aware of two-tone jewelry.

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