5 Reasons To Choose Handmade Jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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5 Reasons To Choose Handmade Jewelry


You cannot go out for a formal evening party or even a casual Sunday brunch simply wearing the right dress. You must accessorize it appropriately in order to stand out in the crowd. Accessories have the ability to enhance the look of a person and add glamour to a person’s aura. We have so many types of accessories for the arms, fingers, ears, neck and even the hair – that, it is very easy to dress for an occasion if you know how to rightly use accessories. When it comes to jewelry there are different kinds to choose from – from glittering gold jewelry to resplendent pearl jewelry to handmade silver jewelry and many more. Among the many types of jewelry available in the market, one which deserves all love and attention is handmade jewelry. Not only are these types of jewelry unique but by buying them you support local craftsmen who toil hours to create each beautiful jewelry item. 

5 Reasons to Choose Handmade Jewelry 

There are many reasons why you should choose handmade jewelry the next time you are buying jewelry. Below we have listed 5 reasons to choose any type of hand-crafted jewelry. 

  1. You Support Craftsmen – One of the primary reasons why many choose to buy handmade accessories especially jewelry is because by buying these types of jewelry you end up supporting a community of craftsmen who have for generations been in the business of jewelry making. This community is fast dwindling today thanks to the precision and immaculate designs of machines. But when more customers like you are willing to contact jewelry wholesalers who directly source their products from craftsmen then you end up invariably supporting a group of hard-working men and women. 
  2. Option to Customize Your Jewelry – Buying machine-made jewelry means that you do not have a unique piece and there are probably hundreds that are alike to the one you own. But with handmade jewelry, you can be quite sure that what you have is not only authentic but also original and one of its kind. You can invariably customize handmade jewelry, especially if you are buying online from a seller who directly works with local craftsmen.
  3. Doing Your Bit For The Environment – Another reason why you will find everything from gemstone jewelry to sterling silver jewelry being handmade is that it is environmentally friendly. Unlike machines that run on power, a man’s skill and labor are not subject to any mechanics. He might use tools but not anything that harms the environment in the long run. In many cases, handmade jewelry is made from scraps and waste which further reduces our carbon footprint to a large extent.   
  4. Culturally Diverse – Handmade things often reflect the culture and tradition of the place where they are made. It reflects the ethos of the people who make it and this makes them all the more special and unique. There is a growing section of customers who want to buy stuff that is not only locally made but also reflects ethnicity and culture. This demand has been understood by many wholesale silver jewelry suppliers who are promoting ethnic fashionable accessories more than ever before. For example, silver jewelry has also been popular in Rajasthan, India. While gold is popular in other parts of this large country, silver has always had more buyers in this royal state. Thus it is not surprising that even today Jaipur (the capital of Rajasthan) has a bustling handmade silver jewelry market. Buyers are not confined to locals anymore but come from all over the world.   
  5. Stand Out In The Crowd – Since they are unique, you can easily stand out of the crowd. Imagine wearing a sterling silver jewelry item that has been handmade. It is naturally beautiful, intricately designed and will catch everyone’s attention. A regular machine-made jewelry piece cannot capture everyone’s attention in the same way. 

If you are planning to invest more in handmade jewelry, especially silver jewelry, you should visit Gemexi.com. It is your one-stop online store where you can buy every kind of sterling silver jewelry you can think of. Everything on the website is handmade by craftsmen who live and thrive in Jaipur. From simple and unique sterling silver pieces to elaborate gemstone embedded items, you can find everything in the store. The website also has a customer-friendly interface making it easier to shop on the website. 
It is a gratifying experience to wear accessories you know have been made with love by people and not machines. It holds so much more value and story. If you are getting the opportunity to buy handmade jewelry, do not let go of the chance anytime soon!

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