Reasons To Fall In Love With Jaipur

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry Education
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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Reasons To Fall In Love With Jaipur


Travelling is one of the most gratifying experiences that one mustn’t miss out ever. There are so many things one can enjoy and experience while travelling to places near and far. There are many reasons while people travel – to break out of monotony, to leave their stressful life for a few days or to learn about a new place and a new culture. People also often travel for business purposes also but even then they are exposed to newer lifestyles. 

India has always been considered a great place to travel to. Steeped in culture, rich in heritage and an abode of marvelous architecture, India has always been a place where people have found peace and tranquility – even in the midst of cultural cacophony. Among the many places to visit in India, Jaipur has always been included in the must-visit list. As the capital of the state of Rajasthan, Jaipur is a beautiful and vibrant city that completely encompasses the spirit of India. There is something interesting, exciting and breathtaking to experience in Jaipur and one mustn’t miss a chance to visit this city. 

Why You Will Fall in Love with Jaipur

There are many reasons why you will fall in love with the Pink City of India – Jaipur. In this article, we shall be looking at some of the top reasons why it is impossible not to love Jaipur.

  • A city with Many Palaces and Forts – Rajasthan is one of those states in India which has numerous forts and palaces. Over the years the architectural brilliance of men from many centuries ago has enamored people from all over the world. Some of the forts are right on the outskirts of the city while you can find many others a couple of hundred kilometers away. You could start by visiting the nearest fort of Amer and then visit the distant ones like Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort or Bala Quila Fort. 
  • Visit the Heritage Village – Chokhi Dhani is the heritage village where the culture and tradition of Rajasthan are showcased. The place is deliberately designed to show the tourist the rural way of livelihood in Rajasthan. From open-air restaurants serving authentic Rajasthani meals to regular folk performances, camel and elephant rides, there are several attractions at Chokhi Dhani. 
  • Breathtaking Hawa Mahal – Hawa Mahal is easily one of the most iconic landmarks of Jaipur. Its pink façade is one of the main reasons why the city is nicknamed the Pink City. Moreover, the honeycomb-like interiors which ensure that there is always a gentle breeze inside the building even during peak summers make it an architectural beauty worth visiting and experiencing. It is often said that you cannot visit and not enjoy the marvels of the Hawa Mahal.  
  • Jantar Mantar -  A UNESCO World Heritage, Jantar Mantar is also counted among the most visited places in Jaipur. It is an observatory that gives accurate timings through the sundial placed many years ago.
  • Go on a Jewelry Trail - Apart from the reasons mentioned above for falling in love with Jaipur, another reason to fall in love with Jaipur is its jewelry market. Jaipur is known as the gemstone capital of the world and every year it trades in millions of dollars in import and export of jewelry. The jewelry manufacturers in Jaipur have created a name for themselves by offering the best prices, incomparable designs and standardized craftsmanship. Jaipur has the largest jewelry wholesalers in India who on a daily basis trade with diamonds and other precious colored gemstones. Jaipur is also famous for its handmade jewelry market which has today reached the many corners of the world. The wholesale jewelry suppliers have made Johri Bazaar – the heart of Jaipur a very famous market. You can shop anything from sterling silver gemstone jewelry to precious gemstone jewelry here. Whether you want to buy a single piece or buy in bulk, you will find all varieties of wholesalers and retailers to meet your needs. A visit to Jaipur is truly incomplete if you do not visit the jewelry market at Johri Bazaar.

If you haven’t yet visited Jaipur, plan your next vacation to this exotic location today. Not only will you enjoy your vacation but will find new reasons to fall in love with the city in every nook and corner. And do not forget to go jewelry shopping while in Jaipur!

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