Places To Buy Handmade Silver Jewelry Online

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry Education
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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Places To Buy Handmade Silver Jewelry Online


Indians love their jewelry because it depicts their culture and their roots. For ages, India has been associated with vibrant colors, festivities and people's love for going overboard with their clothes and accessories. Attend an Indian wedding and you would invariably find the bride draped in gorgeous clothes and adorning the most breath-taking jewelry items. 

Jewelry has also been an important component of all religious festivities, particularly among the Hindus. Right from birth till death, a person is gifted with gold and silver all throughout. While gold has always been the special metal that has been considered the most valuable gift, silver too has always garnered considerable fanfare. In fact, the rising price of gold and the uncertainties surrounding it has made people trust the good old silver far more easily. Thus it isn’t really surprising that silver, especially handmade silver is very popular in India.  

But silver jewelry is not only popular within the country, but it is also a major exporting component. Jaipur is considered the jewelry and gemstone capital of the world and every year millions of dollars are traded in gemstone and handmade silver jewelry from this city. The wholesale jewelry suppliers based out of Jaipur have made their presence felt all over the world and are offering the best quality handmade jewelry items at the most attractive prices.  

Thanks to the marvel of the Internet today the wholesalers from Jaipur have reached out to many more buyers the world over through web portals. There is an emerging online market where you can get the best jewelry made authentically in Jaipur. Among the many online stores, is one. It has created a niche for itself by offering only handmade jewelry to customers. Their silver jewelry line is not only exclusive but also competitively priced.  

Why Shop Handmade Silver Jewelry from Online Stores

Shopping jewelry online isn’t always easy but when you know an online store has its roots in the gemstone and jewelry capital of the world, you can surely trust the portal. The gemstone jewelry market in Jaipur has always attracted hordes of people. The reason is quite simple – you will find all types of jewelry items in the street shops of Jaipur. From the extravagant gemstone necklaces to the chic pendants, from colorful items to stylish modern pieces, you will find everything in Jaipur. But what makes Jaipur truly a global jewelry marketplace is authenticity. Jewelry manufacturers have been running their business from the business for a very long time – in fact from the 1700s. Johri Bazar the main market area where there are scores of jewelry shops in the heart of the jewelry trade of the city though there are other places where you can also buy handmade jewelry. 

One of the main attractions of buying jewelry from one of the wholesale silver jewelry shops in Jaipur and their modern counterparts – the online stores - is that you can be sure that each item is handcrafted by craftsmen who have tirelessly worked on each jewelry item polishing, cutting and soldering them to perfection. It is primarily because of these exceptional artisans that Jaipur has acquired such a name for itself. Today e-commerce stores are taking the Jaipur jewelry artisans places by becoming more accessible to buyers. 

Types of Handmade Jewelry Famous in Jaipur

Not only is Jaipur famous for its silver jewelry wholesalers market but also because you can find many other kinds of craftsmanship that have over the years become a trademark of the city. Let’s take a look at some of the famous jewelry art-works that makes Jaipur famous. 

  • Kundan Jewelry – Kundan is typically an elaborate neckpiece made of the core of lac – a natural resin that is usually whitish in color. The beauty of Kundan is typically accentuated by the abundant use of gemstones to showcase fine craftsmanship. Kundan jewelry is typically expensive and are considered a sign of royalty. 
  • Meenakari Jewelry – Meenakari is easily identified by the intricate patterns found even on the tiniest of earrings. Colors play a major role in Meenakari while the base used is mostly silver and gold.   
  • Gold Jewelry – It is almost impossible to find artisans who do not know gold jewelry making. In that sense, Jaipur craftsmen are no different. You can find all types of gold jewelry – right from intricately designed pieces to ornate necklaces, bangles, mang tikas, etc.
  • Silver Jewelry – The beauty of the silver jewelry market of Jaipur is that most of what you buy in the city is hand-made by craftsmen who have excelled silver jewelry making in numerous ways. A large section of the jewelry wholesalers in Jaipur specializes in handmade silver jewelry making. 

Jewelry wholesalers in India have been working tirelessly to showcase the work of the multi-talented craftsmen who have for generations been residing in Jaipur. They are today reaching out to buyers worldwide through online portals. Shop with Gemexi and you will feel you are shopping in one of the stores in Jaipur – because you will experience authenticity and genuineness on the web-store. 

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