Opal a Stone for Magnetizing Good Fortune

By Gemexi Team | Loose Gemstones
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Opal  a Stone for Magnetizing Good Fortune

Opal is one of the most beneficial gemstone in the world of gem. Moreover, it always remains in the headlines for its ultimate ability. Through this it attracts the characteristics and traits of its wearer towards the surface for the transformation and examination. Like its reflection and absorption of light, it chooses the feelings, thoughts, buried emotions and desires, amplifies them and drops them to their sources.

While zooming up the negative attributes of its owner, it make him comfortable and make him feel the destructive power of the emotions. Also it aids him in the same process of letting go the negativity.

By this opulent gemstone, the positive actions and emotions of the carrier get illuminated, the true and good get enhanced and the highest potential of him get fostered. Along with a reminder, it is too a karmic charm which returns back that one sends out.

Where is Opal found?

Most of the production of Opal, about 97% of it is found in Australia. There are other sources too from where Opal comes in abundance, but in mined form like Mexico, USA, Peru, Brazil and some of the parts of Africa.

Opal Color

When it comes to the hue of Opal, it is found in various shades like brown, pink, gray, orange, blue etc.

Opal Traditional Birthstone

Though Opal is not a natural birthstone, but it is a true traditional birthstone. It is good for the one who is born during the month of October.

Opal,a Zodiac Stone for Cancerians

However, Opal is not linked with any specific sign of zodiac but yes it have a strong empathy with the being whose material sign is Cancer.

Benefits of Opal Gemstone

Believed to disperse the infection, Opal purifies the kidneys and blood and also regulates the production of insulin. It also assists in lowering down the fever, stimulating the memory and energetically calms the neurotransmitter disturbances like Parkinson’s Disease.

Opal supports the issues of the female hormones, menopause and PMS and offers the comfort and ease during the childbirth.

Opal attracts the happiness from the understanding that the beings are inherently perfect and have the unlimited potential.

Opal stone too assists in filling up the confidence, faith and trust. It attracts the good fortune towards its owner, improves the creative skills and helps him in finding a true, real and undemanding love.

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