Jewelry That Turns Your Skin Green - And How To Prevent It

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry Education
  • Updated On Oct 10, 2020
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Jewelry That Turns Your Skin Green - And How To Prevent It

Various metals react with the skin, and it gets turned into green. It is due to the oxidation when some jewelry metals react with the skin. Generally, this reaction is not harmful, but sometimes the people face some itchiness or skin turn red due to allergic reactions. Generally, metals like copper are used to react with the skin, and it gets green due to chemical reactions.

Jewelry that turns skin green


Mostly metals like copper are the reason for skin discoloration. But some people get this chemical reaction from gold or silver jewelry as well. It is very hard for jewelers to make jewelry by using a single metal. They have to mix some other metal as an alloy to strengthen the jewelry. Generally, the alloy includes copper or nickel, and both are the reason for skin discoloration.

Almost every jewelry piece contains such alloy, and certain people who get allergies easily or are too sensitive will experience skin discoloration. But not all jewelry pieces cause skin discoloration. This is because it depends on what percentage that piece contains alloy.

Sometimes sterling silver jewelry or gold jewelry also causes skin allergy or turns the skin green or red and starts itchiness as well. Silver is found in the liquid form to strengthen and make jewelry out of it, have to mix alloy or other metal. It is considered to be good when copper is used less than 8% in any jewelry piece.

There are various jewelry metals that cause the skin to turn green. While not all inexpensive and cheap jewelry pieces don’t cause these allergic reactions. All these reactions or allergies are dependent on the composition of the jewelry.

There are some ways through which anyone can prevent their skin from such an allergy or reaction. Following these steps will help people to minimize skin discoloration and get back to enjoying your beautiful jewelry items.

· Minimize the use of copper jewelry or only wear them occasionally and for lesser periods.
· Get the jewelry rhodium-plated, which will be used as a protection layer between the jewelry and the skin and double up its durability.
· Avoid wearing jewelry that causes skin discoloration on hot summer days because sweat is the main reason metals oxidize against your skin and lead to green.
· Clean your jewelry regularly to remove the unnecessary dust particles, other liquids substances that might stick to the jewelry, and lead to discoloration against the skin.
· Do not enter the pool with the jewelry on as chlorine and copper can cause a major reaction on the skin.
· Do not wear jewelry while cleaning. Most cleaning supplies also contain chlorine, which can cause discoloration along with gold jewelry.
· Occasionally remove jewelry items to reduce skin discoloration and give the skin a chance to breathe.
· Remove rings before washing the hands or applying hand cream. Also, remove jewelry before bathing as well as swimming, especially if it’s in saltwater.
· Clear nail polish might do the trick, depending on the person. Keep in mind that you’d have to reapply the coating once in a while, as it would wear off.

As you know, many metals or alloys can react to the skin when combined with the elements. It doesn’t matter how expensive the jewelry is. Various people can have sensitivity to it. Even jewelry made of sterling silver or gold can cause such discoloration for some people. Advice for preventing the skin from turning into green is not as simple as avoiding less expensive jewelry. Always remember that cheap metals are more likely to cause an allergic reaction to the skin. If anyone has sensitive skin, they must choose jewelry made with stainless steel, rhodium, and platinum-plated jewelry. However, such skin reactions or allergies are not permanent or harmful. But people must take care of such allergy reactions.

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