How to Remove Ring from Swollen Finger

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry Education
  • Posted: Tuesday, October 13, 2020
How to Remove Ring from Swollen Finger

When the hand or finger gets swollen from working out or any other reason, rings that are worn get stuck. Due to the ring which is stuck in a swollen finger can stop blood flow in that particular finger. Further, if a finger lasts for a long period, then the finger's color gets changed by restricted blood flow.

Reasons for the stuck ring

There are some reasons other than swelling by which the ring can stick in the finger. Some of these reasons are as follow:

- The ring is too small for the finger.
- The ring is worn for a longer period of time, and the finger has been grown.
- Swelling caused due by some injury or trauma
- Sometimes due to certain conditions like arthritis, knuckles get enlarged, and the ring gets stuck.
- Fluid retention due to diet or a certain condition like kidney disease, thyroid disease.

Ways to get rid of a ring from the finger

There are various reasons which are used regularly to remove the ring from the finger. Some of these reasons are as follow:

1. Elevation: It is one of the easiest methods to get a ring off the swollen finger. In this method, people need to raise the arm upward for about 5 to 10 minutes. This will allow the blood to rush out from the finger or hand, and ultimately swelling will reduce, and the ring can be easily removable.

2. Place Hand in Cold Water: If the ring is stuck due to swelling in the finger. Then anyone can use this method as cold water is often used for reducing swelling. Further, these will help in removing the ring easily.

3. Soap and Water: Any slippery mixture helps remove rings as this solution reduces friction, which lies between the ring and the skin. To remove the ring, you need to spread the solution around the finger, and this needs to twist the ring to remove it.

4. String Method: This is the most tried and used method. In this method, you wrap the dental floss/thread on the front side of the ring all over the finger. On the other end, where floss starts, try to put it inside the ring is such a way so that it can pull to get the ring off the swollen finger.

5. Twisting method: It is a simple twisting and pulling method to remove the ring. This method is used when the swelling is almost gone.

6. Cut it off: If all these methods didn't work, then the last option remaining with you is to cut the ring off to remove it.

These are some popular ways by which the ring can be removed from the swollen finger easily. People use these tricks very often as this problem is very common.


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