How to Promote Your Jewelry Business During Biggest Holiday season?

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry Education
  • Updated On Nov 16, 2022
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How to Promote Your Jewelry Business During Biggest Holiday season?

With the holiday season around the corner, a lot of speculations about much-needed things tend to rise. Well! With Christmas bells tingling, Halloween passed just a while ago, and Black Friday coming ahead, the shopping spree is sure to go on and on. It is the best time to take advantage and promote your jewelry business on a wholesome grade. Jewelry sale doesn’t actually need a season of the sale however, with such an opportunity around, why not explore and try earning some good points in your sales figure? No matter what kind of jewelry you deal with, ranging from gemstone jewelry, and silver jewelry to any other type, this is your perfect chance to explore around and offer the customers what they are looking for. The season calls for customers looking for top-quality silver, gold, diamond, and even gemstone jewelry manufacturers to make the right purchase. Make the most of it!

To begin let us start with how to begin the sale!

How to Sell Your Jewelry?

In today’s time, markets are even going online so there is ample scope to explore and sell your products. Let’s explore a few insights on how to sell your jewelry. 
  1. Holiday Discounts

In order to enhance your sales, it is always recommended to apply special holiday discounts that are sure to attract a higher number of customers to your brand. Whether you are selling silver, gold, diamond, or gemstone jewelry, it is always recommended to keep a discount that does not disturb your making cost.
  1. Send a Holiday Card or New Year Calendar to Your Customers

Let your existing customers feel special by reminding them to buy from your new collection or make them aware of the ongoing discounts and rewards through an email or special holiday card. Everyone needs to feel privileged. Do the same with your customers with a holiday card or a new year calendar.
  1. Wear and Promote Your Jewelry

Adding an emotional connection to any product leads to higher sales. Apply the same for your jewelry as well. Enlist or share posts of friends and families wearing your jewelry pieces to promote your brand and add that personalized emotional connect. Even being a wholesale custom jewelry manufacturer, you can do the same.     
  1. Free Gift Wrapping

Each time your customers purchase a product, you can offer them free of cost specialized or customized gift-wrapping service. Many customers get attracted with such offers. Specially, if a customer is buying a gift and needs to switch places just to get a gift wrap, they are surely not buying from you. Holiday season shoppers are surely going to love this and thereby make their purchase from your store.

Where to Sell Your Jewelry?

The digital world opens wide doors for global-level selling platforms. A person sitting in Mumbai can now easily sell their products in Miami or even a small town with their delivery network service. However, here are a few options to explore while trying to sell your jewelry this holiday season.
  1. Jewelry Parties

Especially curated jewelry theme parties are quite a trend these days with the holiday season on. Showcase your jewelry pieces to your friends and families while add the right amount of fun and frolic with some dance, music, and delicious food to let everyone enjoy. Remember! Good moods often lead to greater purchases. Pacify their moods to pacify your sales by letting them choose from some of your specialized and out of the box custom defined pieces.
  1. Online

Most of wholesalers and retailers go online to reach even the most left-out corners of the world to maximize their sales. Going online is the best way to tap the untapped zone of customers and increase your overall sales. Most wholesale gemstone jewelry sellers, silver, gold, pearl, diamond, and even fashion jewelry manufacturers choose to go online for enhancing their sales through higher global reach. However, make sure your delivery system is at par with the sales you make and that products are delivered at the right time.
  1. Craft Bazaars and Other Local Events

During the holiday season, you can easily find a higher number of craft bazaars and other local events being hosted around. This is your best opportunity to get in touch with local customers and showcase what you have in your bag before Santa comes in. Use this platform in the best way to prove how is your brand and products better than your counterparts. Rent your stall with the event hosts and get this perfect opportunity to explore your market. The best thing about these events is that you get to explore around and understand what’s going around in the market and learn more about the trends and your competitors, too. You will easily find a good wholesale custom jewelry manufacturer and retailer at these events.    
  1. Local Retail Spaces

Most of the local retail spaces need higher inventory during the holiday season. Use this opportunity and get in touch with a few. Offer quality supplies to them and enhance your sales automatically. 
  1. Trunk Shows at Workplaces           

Workplaces are also a great platform to sell your best jewelry pieces. Trying to wrap up their work and get ready for the holiday season, many employees won’t be able to get ample opportunity to go for a shopping spree. Trunk shows at workplaces can be their best chance to do the same. Showcase your best pieces to attract higher attention. Employees can make their purchases during their tea or lunch breaks with this.

What Jewelry to Sell

Well! The next question remains around what to sell to drive higher sales and attract more customers this holiday season. So, here is the answer!
  1. Holiday Themed

Well! It's the holiday so holiday theme jewelry should be your first choice. Crystal, gemstones, fashion jewelry, etc., will surely keep up as a trendy requirement. Opting for sleek silver or gold jewelry can also be a win-win situation. 
  1. Everyday  

Everyday light jewelry is always in demand so, rather than experimenting much, you can choose to stay safe with this set of jewelry pieces. However, make sure you do not keep the holiday shoppers behind the curtains while trying to sell your everyday collection. Keep a few specific pieces ready for the exclusive holiday shoppers as well if you need 100% results.
  1. Stocking Stuffers

With stacking and layering in trend, the need for inexpensive stocking stuffers will always remain. The holiday season is a perfect getaway for these collections. Stack your inventory with such supplies, too. Supplement your section with these to keep your stock trendy and ready for every day and gifts section demands of your holiday shopping customers league.         
  1. Birthstone Jewelry

If looking for birthstone jewelry, customers tend to prefer wholesale gemstone jewelry lots suppliers, but with the right stock and trendy collection around, nothing can stop their divided attention. Keep your birthstone reference charts by your side with some classic pieces ready to allure your customer line. Birthstone jewelry is the safest gifting option, so there are fair chances of rising sales in this section.

Keep a note of the above points, and you’re ready to rock your jewelry sales this holiday season. Being a silver, gold, crystal, or gemstone jewelry manufacturer, make sure to keep your collection and some amount of inventory ready to avoid failure in offering timely supplies, too.

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