How to Prevent Sterling Silver Jewelry from Tarnishing

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry Education
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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How to Prevent Sterling Silver Jewelry from Tarnishing

Shimmering and enchanting sterling silver jewels have always remained a top pick on the list of favorite jewels for almost all women. While these jewels are loved and coveted all over the world, the significant question “Does sterling silver tarnish?” always keeps on haunting our minds. Well, the answer is – “Of course, it does!” But the good news is that few easy tips and precautions can help you prevent the process of tarnishing on your sterling silver jewels. Thus, update yourself with the essential knowledge on the same!

Sterling Silver Jewelry – How to store it properly?

If you will store your jewelry in a proper way, you will automatically reduce the chances of tarnishing. Given below are few easy tips on how to store and protect your sterling silver jewels from getting tarnished.

  • Use separate plastic bags for each piece of jewelry.
  • Use a suitable jewelry box with compartments.
  • Try to keep a piece of chalk or silica pouches in your jewel box as they absorb moisture.
  • Also, keep anti tarnishing strips with your sterling silver jewels.

Sterling Silver Jewels – Important Measures to Prevent Tarnishing

If you want to retain the beauty of your sparkling silver jewels, it is important to take some essential measures. Though, there is always the option of silver jewelry polishing, following the below precautions will help your jewels shine for a longer period.

  • Keep it away from sunlight and moisture - Make sure your sterling silver jewelry is not exposed to sunlight and moisture. The presence of sulfur in the air only enhances the procedure of tarnishing. 
  • Ensure it is not kept on wooden surfaces – It is important to remember that most of the wooden surfaces are chemically treated. The oxidation process may speed up and worsen the tarnishing of your expensive silver jewels.
  • Avoid using sterling silver jewels at certain places – It is important to remove this jewelry before going into shower, exercise room, play area, swimming pool or any other place that contains water or moisture. It is also advised to take off your silver (sterling) jewels before getting involved into the everyday household chores as they might invite and initiate sweating process. 
  • Do not keep it with other jewels – Keeping your sterling silver jewels with other sort of jewelry can be risky. While all jewels may get rubbed with each other and leave scratches on the surface, the silver jewels can get chemically reacted with other metals present in your jewelry box.

How to Clean the Silver Jewelry?

If you want to protect and clean the silver jewelry, it is important to have some basic knowledge. First of all, you should not try to use every home remedy that you come across for cleaning your jewels. Remember, sterling silver needs care and delicate handling. Always use a suitable and professional soft cleaning cloth which is meant for the purpose of cleaning silver jewels. If you think that you cannot clean or bring back the shine on the jewels all by yourself, it is better to get the help of professional experts. 

Following all the above tips and measures will not only prevent your sterling silver jewels from getting tarnished but will also minimize the need for silver jewelry polishing.

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