How to Open a Sterling Silver Jewelry Business Online?

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry Education
  • Updated On May 18, 2020
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How to Open a Sterling Silver Jewelry Business Online?

A victorious run in the sterling silver jewelry industry ordinarily begins with an admiration for elegance, an eye for beauty, and a passion for spreading that grace as far and scattered around you as you can. Nevertheless, being aesthetically willing is useful, yet, like any other business, it is not sufficient. While certain common business rules apply to this area as much as they do to any other, there are certain specific things about being a jewelry retailer that one should keep in mind, prior commencing it. We’ve assembled a brief model on what it demands to perform it in the industry. So first, you need to understand that purchasing and selling jewelry online is a significant business and can be hugely profitable. If you are ready to become a businessperson selling jewelry online, we want you to jump in this informative ocean. 

Why Sell Jewelry Online?

With jewelry holding a billion-dollar online marketplace, everyone wants to grab a slice of that cake. Since silver jewelry is a consumer product, it knows no boundaries. Jewelry attracts both men and women despite their age. Keeping this in mind, you recognize that you’ll never run out of buyers. Sellers can offer rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, or belly rings. Each of these assets made from hundreds of different components such as gold, diamonds, beads, shells, gemstones, and more. Silver Jewelry is so distinct and vast that if you start investigating the multiple options, you may find your head spinning. Each particular piece comes with a unique pattern, and so on.

Research Your Supplier

Possibly the most often encountered trick of the wholesale jewelry business is that, ever so often, you will fall upon a supplier who is less than realistic about what they’re selling. In short, silver products need to be at least 92.5% genuine silver to be marketed as ‘silver,’ ‘sterling silver’, or any other related label. Ensure that your supplier can provide documentation for all the pieces they’re selling you, to make sure whether the pieces are authentic or not. Moreover, avoid making investments in small quantities, as most suppliers will sell you at higher prices for such transactions. Discovering a supplier that can grant you minimum market prices on high-quantity purchases is the construction block of your profit-making process.

Know Your Silver

You can’t buy silver for retail plans unless you know the basics of this valuable metal. Apart from the point that sterling silver is a metallic compound, it uses pure silver as a base and includes different other metals in the mix to make the jewelry resistant. There are lots of information that you need to know about the proper maintenance and storage that silver items require. Usually, it’s advisable to spend in canvas bags or pieces of fabric in which you can separately wrap each item. This approach will help you in avoiding unsightly scars or dents that would fundamentally make your products difficult to sell. Also, forget the long known myth which states that silver is best cleaned with toothpaste; instead, you should avoid all harsh cleaning products (such as toothpaste) while you’re cleaning out your jewelry.

Stay Updated on Trends

Since the sterling silver jewelry business is a branch of the style, elegance, and fashion industry, which is why you need to know your trends. When was the last time a celebrity was spotted wearing silver? What type of ear-studs are trending these days? What did the newest royal wedding ring resemble? Your customer base will mainly include young women who want affordable, stylish, and trendy jewelry that will help them create a popular, renewed personal style. To grasp that customer base, you first require to know what they like.

Where to find jewelry suppliers

If you’re not producing your jewelry, you need to find a trustworthy and reliable jewelry supplier. It’s reasonably easy to find silver jewelry suppliers, but it can be a hurdle finding a good one whom you can trust. Initially, you need to determine if you’re looking for a drop shipper, manufacturer, or wholesaler. While the procedure of finding them is alike, there are insignificant differences. It’s easier to sell jewelry through developing and launching an online store. Once you have stock and a supplier, you can apply one of these tools to start preparing your store. All of these tools enable you to either establish an online jewelry store from the very beginning or add eCommerce skills to your current website.

Wrapping It All Together

We’ve reviewed a lot about why you should sell jewelry online, how to do it precisely, and what to avoid when trading products to get started. Let us give you over some of the crucial details when it comes to selling sterling silver jewelry online.
  • Create your jewelry corner. Without a specific angle, your online shop might be a flop.
  • Stay away from fraudulent products. It will not only be bad for the reputation of your shop in the long run but will also lead to stocking fake products.
  • Stay faithful when it comes to sharing posts and feeds on social media.
  • Provide detailed knowledge to your customers what they’re receiving, if they have to spend on shipping, etc. This will benefit both you and your buyers a lot.

Now is the time for you to grow your wings and fly, so spread your wings and create a fantastic jewelry store. Have fun!


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