How Much Jewelry Should You Stock for the Christmas Season?

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry Education
  • Updated On Dec 5, 2022
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How Much Jewelry Should You Stock for the Christmas Season?

The Christmas season brings superb opportunities not just for celebration and joy but also for jewelry retailers who want to stock jewelry either for the year-round sale of jewelry or for the specific occasion of Christmas. It is an age-old tradition to buy and gift beautiful Christmas jewelry to your family members, friends, and colleagues. People keep exploring and discovering fresh designs that appeal to their mood and choice; thus, jewelry sales increase by leaps and bounds during the Christmas holiday season. As a jewelry retailer, you must stock jewelry during Christmas time because the demand for this jewelry remains high. Moreover, jewelry is sold even during other times of the year when customers wish to gift something exclusive to their loved ones.

Whether you choose a top wholesale gemstone jewelry option to shop for bulk jewelry or contact a gemstone jewelry manufacturer for the same, remember, the best move for the jewelry retailers will be to stock as much jewelry as possible while the worst step would be to remain idle and buy no jewelry at all!

Let us now find out how much jewelry should you stock during Christmas time!

How Much Jewelry Should You Stock for The Christmas Season?

The most logical and practical answer to this question is hidden in your own sales records. You must analyze and observe the jewelry sale of the last few years. This will provide you with a fair idea. However, this trick works well for retailers who are into business for the last several years. In case, you are a new retailer, you must read and research well and stick to the set sales formulae. Experienced retailers all over the world have shared their opinions and stated that the Christmas season is the best time for retailers to buy jewelry. It is important to mention that the jewelry sale begins in October and goes high during the month of December. According to seasoned retailers, you can sell three times more jewelry during Christmas time! Be it gemstone jewelry, Christmas jewelry or some other type of jewelry, stocking a good amount of jewelry gives you great investment on return. 

What is the Right Time to Place Orders? 

Now that you are aware of the significance of stocking jewelry during Christmas, you must be curious to know about the right time to place your orders for buying jewelry from the wholesale custom jewelry manufacturer or jewelry wholesaler. Well, as mentioned earlier, start placing your orders in October. Keep in mind that Christmas jewelry will definitely get sold easily during the peak festival time of Christmas but the stock of this jewelry that remains unsold will await another cycle! Hence, ensure buying Christmas jewelry according to the sales estimate of the last few years or get an idea of the sale through comprehensive research. What you actually need to focus on is collecting the classic jewelry pieces that always remain in demand and sell all year. Stocking huge collections of forever-in-demand jewelry will never put you at a loss because fashion jewelry or classic pieces are always bought by customers. However, again, Christmas jewelry will sell only for a limited time period, that is, during the Christmas season. 

In simple terms, customers definitely look for beautiful Christmas jewelry during the month of December but more customers keep on visiting the stores round the year in search of classic jewelry like silver necklaces, sterling silver earrings, gemstone jewelry and so on. Hence, they would not get upset when they do not find pretty Christmas tree earrings in your stock but they would definitely get dismayed when they do not find sterling silver necklaces or earrings! The point is to have a nice stock of jewelry that remains in great demand, always. Some examples of the same include:
  1. Sterling silver necklaces and pendants
  2. Gemstone earrings
  3. Silver drop earrings and studs
  4. Sterling silver bracelets
  5. Silver and gemstone charm bracelets
  6. Plain sterling silver rings
  7. Stackable rings 
Let’s take a look at the more specific options now.

Classic Jewelry that You Must Stock as a Retailer

  1. Link Chain Solid 925 Sterling Silver Necklace Jewelry

Customers always love to have silver link chains in their jewelry collection. The more, the better! The solid link chains done in silver make for a go-to choice when you want to wear a beautiful jewelry piece on a daily basis. 
  1. 925 Sterling Silver 18.93cts Matrix Royston Turquoise Heart Necklace

The three-heart necklace embedding the beauty of natural gemstones gives a fascinating look and can be worn with confidence on both casual and semi-formal occasions. It’s the right pick when you want to wear jewelry without an overdone appearance. 
  1. Silver Studs 

We bet there will not be a single woman on earth who would not love to have silver studs in her jewelry closet! Easy to wear and available in a wide variety of designs, the silver studs can be worn by professional women too who go to the office every day and want to wear sober, sophisticated and elegant jewelry.  
  1. Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

Be it a luncheon or a friend’s get-together, the sterling silver drop earrings add a lovely feminine charm to your appearance. Pick up from the wide collection of sterling silver and gemstone drops or go for the plain silver drop earrings. Either way, they look great!
  1. Silver Rings

Allure your customers with the plain sterling silver rings or show them the ones that have a centerpiece as a natural gemstone. The colorful and enchanting range of gemstone silver rings is attracting more and more customers these days!

Alluring Christmas Jewelry Options that Surely Attract Customers

Do not forget to stock beautiful trendy Christmas jewelry including gemstone jewelry and more varieties. You can place orders for Christmas tree earrings, reindeer pendants, and more. The most reputed and genuine wholesale gemstone jewelry seller, gemstone jewelry manufacturer and wholesale custom jewelry manufacturer like Gemexi will offer you a comprehensive range of designs to choose from. Some of the best options at Gemexi that you can explore and place your order for include the following choices for retailers who want to stock the most fascinating and top-quality Christmas jewelry this year!
  1. Natural Red Ruby Pearl 925 Sterling Silver Pendant 

The astonishing pendant embedding the beauty of natural red ruby and sterling silver will impress any customer who wants to celebrate the red and white color theme of Christmas with splendid jewelry. The beautiful carvings done in silver add a classic touch to the pendant, which ruby attracts the immediate attention of any onlooker. 
  1. Snowflake Natural Blue Lapis Lazuli 925 Silver Dangle Earrings

With these beautiful earrings, jewelry lovers get to admire Christmas and winter together! The charming design of the Lapis Lazuli earrings includes lovely snowflakes done in silver. The combo of blue and white matches winter well while you celebrate Christmas with sparkling trendy silver earrings
  1. 925 Sterling Silver 3.21cts Natural Lapis Lazuli Pendant 

This star-shaped pendant is an ideal option for Christmas jewelry admirers who want a unique look this Christmas. Stock such pendants as much as you can! Go for different star-shaped pendants with different types of gemstones to allure customers of varied choices.

You can discover even more charming options at Gemexi with combinations like silver and garnet, peridot and silver, moonstone and pearls, etc. Place your orders for classic as well as Christmas jewelry and gemstone jewelry at our site and enjoy superb sales! Happy Christmas!

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