10 Tips To Shine In Office With Jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Styling Tips
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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10 Tips To Shine In Office With Jewelry


When it is about getting a professional look, even the tiniest of things matter a lot! Thus, a small piece of jewelry also counts a lot. When you choose the right jewelry, it becomes an amazing contributor to enhancing your personality. Few carefully selected jewelry pieces and a little sense of mix and match helps you get the desired beautiful, elegant and smart office look. One of such option is the silver jewelry that brings an extraordinary attraction regardless of what kind of outfit you wear it with.  

The range of this jewelry is quite amazing and enchanting. From heavy and chunky necklaces to delicate bracelets and earrings, this jewelry gives you multiple options to choose from. However, the tip to shine at the office is to try the given below options:

1. Create the right look with silver jewelry

  • Try delicate silver bracelets.
  • Put on silver studs or drop earrings in silver.
  • A tiny silver pendant looks great on any office outfit.
  • You can also wear a silver watch.

2. Try delicate handmade Silver Jewelry

Delicate handmade silver items are considered as the perfect choice because they are not too shiny and also perfect. They are considered as the best and well-chosen options that look perfect for your professional outfit. If you want to get a sober and elegant look with the help of jewelry that does not look too heavy, then silver jewelry is a great option. A simple pair of silver earrings and a nice little ring or bracelet will be sufficient for the day that you are spending in the office. 

3. Pick & wear minimal jewelry items 

Another tip worth considering is to make sure that you wear a minimum of jewelry at your workplace. Now, at the same point, it is worth mentioning that your minimal jewelry should be small, light yet very captivating and you can find numerous choices in silver jewelry range. Choose the sober and simple accessories that go well with your office outfit. Remember, quite an extra embellishment would spoil your professional image. 
4. Keep changing your look

There is no need to stick to just one look or wear the same silver jewelry every day. It is always recommended to change the jewelry from time to time. You can combine different accessories in various ways. This will give you a new refreshed look every time. There is no need for using a whole set of silver jewelry either. You can choose a few delicate accessories according to your budget and wear them alternatively.

5. Choose wisely 
Remember, there is also the option of wholesale silver jewelry. If you are the kind of person who is not satisfied with a few choices, you can check out the wholesale range of jewelry also. The trick here is to choose jewels that you think will best match your choice as well as outfit. Also, pick different patterns. For example, if you already have a lot of pairs of tiny silver earrings, try buying a nice pendant or bracelet this time.  

6. Try to avoid matching sometimes 
The interesting fashion aspect that needs to be considered is not trying to seem too monotonous even if you are preparing for the day at work. Never try to wear only a single color. Also do not wear jewelry that is 100% similar in terms of the design, meaning, and symbols that you are using. It is not necessary that everything you wear should match with each other. 
Nothing is wrong in making a fashion statement even when you are wearing a professional outfit. However, too much is never good. You must choose the outfit first and then you have to see what will make it more emphasizing but in a good and impressive way. 

7. Use nice pastel colors   
Silver jewelry would be the perfect choice to match with the professional outfits which are having simple patterns and pastel colors. This will also allow you to add up elegance in your overall look without much effort. 
A smart piece of silver earrings would create an overall elegant effect when you don them with a formal office suit consisting of grey trousers and a plain white full-sleeved shirt. The tip is to choose a simple dress and then pair it up with sparkling silver to emphasize your personality. 

8. Try silver jewelry in combination 
Silver jewelry mixes well with other crystals, stones and even with gold. Even gold plated silver jewelry is elegant, affordable and good options for office wear.

9. Make a good choice in gemstones and crystals
If you wish to use stones or crystals along with your office jewelry then you can choose subtle colored stones such as diamonds, pearls, etc which will not drag too much attention. 

10. Go for single colors
Be it your office outfit or jewelry, remember that solid single colors are a must-have for your wardrobe and jewelry box also. Pendants, earrings or bracelets in one single hue look sophisticated and give you the desired look.

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