Wearing Benefits of Astrological Gemstones

By Gemexi Team | Healing Crystals
  • Updated On Jul 26, 2022
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Wearing Benefits of Astrological Gemstones

Although every gemstone and precious stone has its own healing energies and power, which will be activated by wearing them as jewelry. It can be a ring, pendant, necklace, or either it can be soak overnight in water and drink the whole following day. Each gem has its own specific chakras, which are the energy center of the body.

According to astrology, every stone has some specific powers for which they known for. These stones are recommended as per astrological principles for people's good fortune and accomplishment of desires. But each gemstone doesn't need to be associate with astrology. Astrologers recommend some specific stones.

There are five basic characteristics of astrological gemstones:

  1. Natural: The stone should be natural; only natural crystal has the power to heal.
  2. Color: The color should not be enhanced. Crystal, whose colors are enhanced, will not be able to work correctly as a healing stone.
  3. Clarity: As we discussed earlier, that crystal should be natural without any treatment for improving the color or clarity.
  4. Cutting: Naturally, stones are found in a rough form; cutting of a gemstone is necessary, but while cutting the stone shape is not that important, but the precision cut of the stone is.
  5. Carat: The stone id's correct weight is essential as it is recommended according to the wearer's weight.

Here are some crystals with their astrological benefits:

  • Jade:

From ancient times, Jade is one of the favorite gemstones for good wealth and prosperity. It protects the user's finances and helps them to move toward the path of good wealth. It motivates the one to accomplish the goals and objectives of their life.

  • Jasper:

This is also known as a crystal for Supreme Nurturer. It protects the wearer and absorbs all the negative energy from the surroundings and boost confidence while promoting courage and quick thinking.

  • Moonstone:

This is a stone of destiny, peace, and good wishes. It helps in making a person calm and affectionate.

  • Ruby:

Ruby is a stone of the Sun and the Sun is the king of all nine planets; thus, it is the most powerful. Ruby is more beneficial for people who are preparing for some government jobs or working hard to get promoted in some senior positions. It is also helpful in boosting confidence, working on self-esteem, and improving leadership quality. It is also used to get fame and an understanding relationship. Ruby is also a birthstone for July.

  • Turquoise:

This stone is used to reduce stress, anxieties, and worries. Keeping turquoise by the bedside will improve sleep.

  • Tiger Eye:

Tiger Eye stone is used to boost motivation. It is really helpful in fighting against all fears, anxiety as well as self-doubts. It improves focus and increases self-confidence.

  • Yellow Sapphire:

It is a powerful as well as a very beneficial stone. It is associated with the planet Jupiter. Anyone can wear this Yellow sapphire as it doesn't have any side effects. Yellow Sapphire ensures a Good lifestyle, education, and a happy family. Yellow sapphire is beneficial for people who are not satisfied with their professional life. This gemstone is lucky for people whose zodiac sign is Sagittarius and Pisces. It is a birthstone for November.

  • Howlite:

It is used to reduce stress and worries from the wearer's life. It is also a good stone for sleep.

  • Emerald:

Generally, people wear emerald for a healthy and wealthy life. It is helpful in bringing success and happiness. Emerald is a royal stone and known for improving one's self-esteem and helpful in overcoming all types of fears.

  • Clear Quartz:

It is also known as "Master Healer." It is helpful in enhancing the positive aura in the surroundings and able to make it stronger. It also absorbs all the negative energy around the wearer.

  • Blue Sapphire:

Blue Sapphire is one of the impressive gemstones of all. It provides a person with good luck and wealth. It protects from danger and any mishappening. It is beneficial for people who belong to the creative field or want fame in their lives.

  • Black Tourmaline:

It helps protect people from negative energy. It is a great stone and used to heal you mentally, emotionally, and physically. It builds a protection boundary around people who wear this stone.

  • Amber:

It is used to boost immunity, assist tissue revitalization, and treat diseases related to depression, stress, throat, and goiter. It is the best stone for a person with a weak immune system.

  • Amethyst:

Amethyst is a powerful stone to transform negative energies into positive ones. It is used to heal people who are suffering from any kind of mental trauma or emotional pain. It is also used to detoxify the body and mind. It brings inner strength, courage, and peace to the wearer's life.

  • Citrine:

It is believed that citrine is a good stone for success, abundance, and prosperity. It absorbs all the negative energy and attracts positive energy around. It is also a good stone for mood-lifting. It helps to fight against any kind of fears, phobias, or nightmares.

  • Pyrite:

People use this stone to attract money. It brings success in one's work or business life.

  • Coral:

Coral crystal is associated with the planet "Mars." By wearing coral, a person can activate their properties like brave, intelligence, dissilience, and confidence. It is beneficial for boosting the immunity system and fight against the diseases related to blood and people who fall ill very frequently. It is very beneficial for people who are in the business of real estate, agriculture farming, etc.

  • Cat's Eye:

Cat's eye crystal protects the wearer from any mishappening and strengthens their weakness and stress, which cause due to any situation or circumstances that occur in life.

  • Fluorite:

Fluorite is found in many color combinations. It is a magical stone that provides calmness to the mind as well as emotions.

There are some other gemstones also which have magical astrological benefits and recommended by almost every astrologer. Apart from astrology, these can also wear as fashion jewelry as all gemstones are extremely beautiful and gorgeous as well as dynamic magical healing powers.


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  • charlotte
    Sep 28, 2022, 6:03:15 AM

    I use yellow sapphire according to my astrologer. It is associated with the planet Jupiter. I like this stone very much because anyone can wear this stone, It doesn't have any side effects.

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