Treating Influenza Flu With Gemstone

By Gemexi Team | Healing Crystals
  • Posted: Saturday, November 7, 2020
Treating Influenza Flu With Gemstone

Influenza is a flu that spread like a pandemic in 1918, and even not 100% curable treatment is there for this disease. Even the results of annual vaccines are not that promising in influenza. It is a viral infection, and some of these viruses can be found in animals as well. Along with all these in certain parts of the world, it is an epidemic disease that spread in the community in a particular period of time. It has common symptoms, just like any other flu. Basically, influenza flu is divided into three different types depending on the kind of virus through the person getting infected: influenza virus A, B, and C.

Type A Flu viruses can infect animals and humans, and wild birds are generally hosted for these viruses.

Type B flu is the virus that infects humans only. It is a less severe reaction in comparison to type A flu. But sometimes, it also can be extremely harmful in some cases.

Type C flu is generally found in people. However, it’s milder than Type A & B, and people didn’t face any severe causes due to Type C flu.



Symptoms in influenza are very familiar and ordinary, just like any normal flu. Some of these symptoms are as follow:

  1. Fever over 100.4 F
  2. Aching muscles
  3. Chills and sweats
  4. Headache
  5. Dry, persistent cough
  6. Fatigue and weakness
  7. Nasal congestion
  8. Sore throat


Risk factor

There are various factors that are developed due to this influenza flu. Some of these factors are as follows:

  1. Age
  2. Working condition
  3. Weak immune system
  4. Chronic illness
  5. Usage of aspirin at a younger age
  6. Pregnancy
  7. Obesity



There are a few complications that can be faced by people who are suffering from influenza. These complications are as follow:

  1. Pneumonia
  2. Bronchitis
  3. Asthma flare-ups
  4. Heart problems
  5. Ear infections


Crystal healing for influenza

There are several crystals that were used in treating various types of flu, which are normal. But as a crystal healer and also most of the crystal healers recommend Pyrite only to heal or treat and get some relief from influenza and its symptoms. These symptoms can be very serious and harmful for the people who are already suffering from any other disease and have a weaker immune system. There are various healing properties of these healing crystals, as well. Some of these healing are discussed as below:

  1. It is a powerful protective gemstone, used to activate the energy and nourish it in the body.
  2. It helps in the treatment of fever and swelling and aids in healing the infective disease.
  3. It is used to boost the immune system, which is getting weaker during this disease.
  4. It protects the person or patient from the negative energy which exists in the environment and fills the optimistic energy around the person and space.
  5. It balances the supply of oxygen to the blood and strengthens the circulatory and respiratory system, which gets weaker in this flu.

Pyrite Stone is stunning and has lots of healing properties that were used to heal and treat many diseases, including pandemic such as influenza.



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