Treasure your Loved One with Beautiful Memorial Jewelry

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  • Posted: Monday, October 18, 2021
Treasure your Loved One with Beautiful Memorial Jewelry

Those who have departed from this world can never come back! But the best way to remember them is to keep them live in your memories and love them forever! One of the best ways to remember those who are not with us anymore is through memorial jewelry gifts. This jewelry gives you a strong feeling of closeness, love, and warmth for the departed souls.

What is memorial jewelry?

Memorial jewelry is also known as funeral jewelry, mourning jewelry, cremation jewelry, or ash jewelry. Basically, the jewelry is made using two methods. The first one involves the process of storing the remains of the deceased family member. For example, the hair (as a remain of the deceased) is stored in the pendant, ring, or necklace. The other method involves mixing the ashes with the concerned jewelry metal and then, creating jewels out of the same. For this procedure, the metal that has to be used in the jewel form is heated at a very high temperature so that it turns into liquid form and then the ashes of the expired and cremated person are mixed in it. The final metal with ashes is then turned into beautiful funeral jewelry.

The popularity of mourning jewelry

The popularity of such jewels is not new! Well, the fact is that it is popular since old times.
  • History of Victorian Mourning Jewelry

Various sources suggest that this category of jewels came into being around the 1600s. However, it got strong recognition and fame when Queen Victoria deeply grieved the death of her loving husband Albert.
  • Changing Trends During 17th Century

The trend of mourning jewels started getting popularity as well as a new form somewhere back in the 17th Century. At that time, when families lost their loved ones, they started getting jewels that help them remember their lost ones. Some of the popular methods were to get the name of the deceased ones inscribed on the ring or pendant. Similarly, the important dates were also inscribed on the jewels.
  • Moving Further

As time moved by, the funeral jewelry took another form wherein the remnants of the loving and departed family members were stored in various jewel forms like rings, pendants, bracelets, etc.
  • Recent times

Considering the recent Corona times, it is worthy to mention that the popularity of mourning jewelry has increased more than ever. As more and more cremations took place all over the world, millions of people worldwide preferred to have ash memorial jewels so that they could remember their lost and dear ones in a unique way of beautiful jewels.

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The beauty of Mourning Jewelry

The beauty and significance of mourning or cremation jewelry are infinite! Letting our loved ones go is not at all easy for any one of us. But the ash or funeral jewelry has created a way through which we feel connected with those who have left this world. This jewelry is unique and stands apart from the rest of the category of jewels as indeed, it is quite special in its purpose and significance. Jewels stay close to your body and you, naturally, feel the closeness with the lost ones.

Today, you can find a wide range of designs and styles in this jewel category that helps you remember your loved ones in an unparalleled and beautiful way. The most popular funeral jewels include lockets, pendants, and rings. Though, you can also get them done into bracelets and necklaces. While the remains of the deceased are mixed or stored into rings or pendants, the beauty of the entire piece is further enhanced using a nice design so that you always remember your loved ones in an enchanting and special manner.


Personalized Memorial Jewelry Gifts

Memorial jewelry gifts are a special and unique option for those who need the strength to move on in their lives while their loved ones depart from this world. The customization option is always available for cremation jewelry. You can get the name, date of birth, date of death, or any other important date or message inscribed on your favorite piece of ash jewelry.

Some of the important points that you should know about these jewels are mentioned below

  • First of all, there are no set of rules when it comes to the design and style of such jewels. You can opt for any shape, size, or style according to your preference. You can even get some nice gemstones incorporated into your chosen designs to further increase the beauty and uniqueness of the cremation jewels.
  • It depends on you that whether you want to have funeral jewels that store the remains of the deceased member of the jewels that have the ashes mixed into the jeweled metal.
  • The customization option in memorial jewels is wide and gives you multiple choices. From a loving message, name, and dates to initials, prayer, and more, you can choose any option of inscription in such jewels. Also, you can go for any design or metal as per your choice.

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While we know the bitter truth that those who have left this world will never be seen, hugged, or touched again, having nice and warm memorial jewelry helps you feel connected with your lost ones. Apart from making one feel connected with a loving lost member, the memorial jewelry gives you the strength and courage to keep moving in life. Because, no matter what, life never stops and to go on is the essence of surviving. Thus, remember your lost loving family members and friends through beautiful memorial jewelry and keep them close to you. Feel connected. Feel strong and go on!


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