Swarovski To Decorate Christmas Tree In UK

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  • Posted: Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Swarovski To Decorate Christmas Tree In UK

For the first time ever, fashion jewelry brand Swarovski is partnering with IMG and Natural History Museum to decorate a Christmas tree in the United Kingdom. The partnership which was brought forward by CURB Media, will allow the jewelry brand to make the ice rink at the popular tourist attraction sparkle like never before.


Swarovski will be decking up a 40ft Christmas tree that will be situated in the middle of the ice rink with thousands of Christmas crystal ornaments and their signature blue boxes. As per the plans, there will also be about 80,000 fairy lights on the trees around the ice rink while the Swarovski-decorated tree will be at the center.

Hayley Quinn, the managing director of Swarovski said that it would be a wonderful experience to partner with the Natural History Museum Ice Rink and that the brand was looking forward to adding their signature Swarovski sparkle into the enchanting Christmas tradition. Quinn also said that they were looking forward to showcasing their watches, exquisite jewelry and homeware amidst such a spectacular setting.

Echoing similar thoughts, the head of corporate events and catering of Natural History Museum, Simon Kershaw said that it was thrilling to be partnering with Swarovski after last year’s record-breaking season. 



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