Silver Baby Rattle - A Special Gift For The Little One In Your Life

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  • Updated On Mar 19, 2020
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Silver Baby Rattle - A Special Gift For The Little One In Your Life

Babies come into our lives as blessings. They bring immense joy and happiness into everyone’s life and their toothless smile can win even the hardest of hearts. When they smile and laugh you can feel that all your worries and tensions have washed away but when they cry all hell seem to break! Babies can have such fierce crying bouts that finding the reason for their mood swing is very difficult. It is for such times that you need to keep a few toys handy.

Rattles are one of the oldest toys that have been used for calming and engaging babies since time immemorial. You can easily find baby rattle online on various e-commerce stores. While plastic rattles are very common, if you promised your baby only the best, then you must go for the modern sterling silver baby rattle

Your Baby’s First Toy

Toys are not only tools to keep your baby engaged but they also help in overall development. In a sense, toys are the first teaching tools using which babies learn movement, sound modulation, body parts coordination and much more. Motor skills in a child will only develop when he has little toys to play with so that he can judge movement and sound quickly. Silver baby rattles can be your baby’s first toy playing with which he will learn how to move his hand holding an object, how much he needs to move his hand in order to hear the rattling sound and how shaking it too much can harm him. 

Why Buy Sterling Silver Baby Rattles

Have you heard about sterling silver baby rattles for the first time? Do not worry many parents like you hasn’t heard of it. But those who have gifted a sterling baby rattle to their child has only sung praises for the beautiful first toy. Tiffany’s was one of the first jewelers to sell sterling silver rattles and they became very popular. Earlier they were only selling silver spoons and plates for babies. 

Babies have the tendency to lick on every object they hold. This is why you have to be very careful about what you place in front of your child. Plastic rattles that are very easily available in the market may be cheap but the fact that they are made of plastic should be enough concern for any parent. Licking plastics, chewing on plastic toys isn’t good for your child’s growth. Plastic toys are most commonly made in PVC plastics which if swallowed by a child can harm the child. Silver is known for its antibacterial nature which means that bacteria cannot grow on silver. It is for this reason that sterling silver spoons and plates are commonly used for babies as they have a lesser chance of infecting a tender child. If your baby is into the habit of chewing or licking anything he touches, you can rest assured that the sterling baby rattles will not harm him in any way.

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