How to Choose Multi Gemstone Jewelry for Every Occasion?

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  • Updated On Jul 21, 2021
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How to Choose Multi Gemstone Jewelry for Every Occasion?

Ever since the stone age, both men and women have been fond of stylizing their persona with attractive jewelry. Any piece of jewelry not only amplifies the beauty but also adds charisma to the overall personality. From diamonds to gemstones, jewelry styles have evolved with women and their preferences. Now, with different artificial gems available in the market, multicolour gemstones jewelry are trending with women of all age groups. However, we understand that finding the right jewelry for different occasions can be a huge challenge. There are innumerable choices available in the market, to choose from. The hack is to exactly understand what to wear, when to wear, how to wear, where to wear, and what, when, how, and where not to wear the jewelry pieces. Yes! Take a breath! It can be a lot to assess and comprehend!

Here is the blog about how to choose multi-gemstone jewelry for different occasions


Catching up with your old group of friends? Hanging out at the mall? Or just heading out for a usual day at college? sterling silver gemstone jewelry can be your go-to base and jewelry style, with its simple designs and minimalistic allure. For casual outings, you do not need any bold or large gemstone to attract attention. A small pair of multi gemstone earrings can do the trick for you. You can also match them with multicolor pendants for adding bling to your daily look. Try to experiment by mixing and matching the colors as per your choice.


Never confuse formal occasions with your corporate meetings. In the fashion world, formal occasions are galas, get-togethers, weddings and other such occasions where you want fancy yet elegant jewelry. Handmade sterling silver multi-gemstone jewelry along with multi-gemstone rings are very common for such occasions. You can always get expensive gems like diamonds, but if you want to keep a low-profile and yet attractive look, you can also opt for multi gemstone sterling silver pendants. With the right attire, you can have an extravagant look simply by experimenting with your jewelry.

  1. PARTY

Parties are the best and most exciting to dress for. You can be going out alone or with your huge group of friends. It can be a birthday, anniversary, farewell, cocktail party, clubbing, any such occasion and equally fun. This is one occasion where you don't have to care how big or small your jewelry is. Go for handmade sterling silver multi-gemstone jewelry or multi color gemstone earrings, nothing is too extra for parties. All you need is a little confidence and you can shine as the showstopper of any event. You can also mix two different types of jewelry. Currently, multicolor gemstones are in vogue. These colorful accents add a charm to your look and always keep you party ready!


Professional occasions are all things to do with your workplace. Be it a professional business meeting or an office party, you should try to maintain a subtle personality at corporate events. So, you can try out different gemstones and artificial jewelry, that are definitely not very distracting or shiny. Multicolor gemstone necklaces look very sleek and tidy while giving you a professional look. You can also go for stud earrings or multi gemstone sterling silver pendants that are tiny. However, if you do not work in a corporate environment, you can further experiment with your looks, as long as it is presentable and not clunky.


Hey there! Now you know the key to dressing up for all occasions and choosing the right jewelry for it. Follow these rules and once you know your way around them, break away from them and experiment more. Multi-gemstone jewelry is in vogue now and you can find a huge collection of these beautiful pieces in the market. Based on your dress preference and the look you want to take, shop for the accessories too. At Gemexi, you can find the right piece of gemstone jewelry for all occasions, so head on to their site and get the jewelry that suits your style.

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  • Nancy
    Sep 17, 2022, 5:12:35 AM

    Multi gemstones mean various numbers of gemstones. Always consider your birth month for buying multiple gemstone jewelry. I have two professional earrings in multi-stones.

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