Why Garnet In Limestone is so precious?

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 16, 2020
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Why Garnet In Limestone is so precious?


It is easy to call a gemstone precious – or so one would imagine. It is true that gemstones are vastly categorized into two types – precious gemstones and semi-precious gemstones. But the word “precious” can be used to describe the value and importance of other gemstones as well. 

Have you ever chanced upon a garnet in limestone silver jewelry? If not we can tell you that you are indeed missing out on one of the most spectacular creations of Nature. But if truth is to be told, Garnet in Limestone isn’t a very popular stone and not many are aware of it. It is a precious stone – not by standard categorization but because of its rarity and brilliance. 

Garnet in Limestone is a creamy textured mineral with brown dotted patterns all over it. The mineral looks a lot like a white chocolate block which has a good proportion of brown chocolate sprinkled all over it! There are several benefits of Garnet in Limestone which is why it is drawing so much attention recently. 

Works Wonderfully for People in Love

For a person waiting for love to happen, the moment cannot come any sooner. If you want your love life to start at the earliest, the best way to do so is by getting hold of some loose Garnet in Limestone stone. The stone has almost miraculous love properties that not only help people fall in love but also do a good job of keeping love alive. The stone also helps reduce any sexual tension that a couple might be facing in their relationship. 

Takes Care of Many Physical Ailments

There are numerous healing properties of Garnet in Limestone. Though the stone is not known to many, its amazing power can easily attract anyone. The stone has the power to strengthen the body, mind, and soul. It is especially beneficial for the physical body. The stone is known to strengthen the heart. It is also believed that it improves blood circulation and improves the immune system. If a person is suffering from lactose intolerance then keeping this stone close by is believed to be helpful. Garnet in Limestone aids fertility and is beneficial for the reproductive system. 

Stone That Gives Wings to Creativity

Among the many Garnet in Limestone healing properties, one that must be mentioned is that it opens the windows of creativity. Many believe that Garnet in Limestone is the stone of creativity and attraction. It is a stone that helps a person realize his desires faster. Apart from giving wings to one’s creativity, the stone is also believed to help improve one’s analytical abilities.   

Kindles Emotion of Courage and Hope

If you feel discouraged in life and are seeking hope, you will get a lot of these things in a Garnet in Limestone piece. It is a stone that brings back positivity and hope into one’s life. It is believed that keeping this mineral close by can help a person in his darkest hours. 

Wear a Wide Range of Garnet in Limestone Jewelry

The chocolaty look of Garnet in Limestone is quite appealing. Nowadays jewelers are coming out with newer designs using these gemstones. If you look at the right online platforms you will find a good collection of rings, pendants, necklaces and much more. The stone’s earthy beauty goes exceptionally well with sterling silver. The rich shine of silver seamlessly blends with the white-brown combination of the stone. If you are looking for a jewelry item that can make you stand out of the crowd without you having to make much effort, then it is ideal that you buy a Garnet in Limestone jewelry. Even the simplest of neckpieces will look exceptionally well. 

It is no wonder that Garnet in Limestone is drawing so much attention recently. It is truly a stone worth possessing. Garnet in Limestone is precious and there is no doubt about it. It’s wide-ranging healing properties cannot be easily ignored. But above all the fact that it is such a beautiful stone makes it a precious one.    

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