Why Are Healing Crystals Gaining Popularity Among Young People

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 19, 2020
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Why Are Healing Crystals Gaining Popularity Among Young People

Young people or whom we prefer to call the millennials are quick pacing, always on the go individuals who have their head on their shoulders and their heart beating just in the right place. We are talking about people who are not only young by age but also by the heart. Their beliefs and convictions are strong. If they are exposed to the many beauties of the Internet and understand the demands of a fast-paced life, they also know how and when to slow down and take it easy. Very few generations in the past have had the dynamism that millennial is today known for. 
Many wonders that when millennials are known for their practicality, where does spirituality figure in their scheme of affairs. You will be surprised to know that while religion may not be a big thing among the young people, spiritualism and combining different culture features mean the world to them. Increasingly more young people are becoming aware of crystal healing and making lifestyle changes so that they can start using crystals in their daily life. The question that really pops up is why are young people getting attracted to crystal healing? Let us try to look at some reasons.

Not Necessarily Linked to Religious Practices

Most religious practices around the world became popular because standardizing beliefs required sanctions. This is what we have seen all throughout history. That is why it is not surprising that crystal healing is largely associated with religion. But here is the catch. While tenets of crystal healing and how they shape the physical body and mind may have root from religious believes, practicing healing doesn’t need one to be overtly religious. This has been a big draw for young people who may be wary of religious practices but are open to venturing into a spiritual journey.

Crystals Help To Calm Down

The idea behind using crystals for healing is to be able to handle a life situation better. Crystal healing basically works towards aligning the chakras (energy fields within the body) back to their position so that our body works harmoniously with our mind and soul. The chakras frequently get out of balance because of stress and hectic lifestyle. Young people are realizing how the rigors of the modern world are playing havoc on their mind and body and how medical science doesn’t always have the right treatment. Crystals help to calm and slow down, take a step back so that you can lead a more relaxed life. 

Numerous Crystals To Help Various Life Situations

There are over 200 crystals known to mankind. Crystals are categorized mainly in two types – precious stones and semi-precious stones. Since crystals are made of natural substances and almost all are mined from within the earth, they naturally help heal the body and soul. Most crystals have been discovered years ago, some even centuries ago, which only means that they have been used for healing in various forms by various cultures in different time periods. Crystal healers have today drawn various categories of crystal healing making it easier for the younger generation to understand the process of healing. For example, if you have just come out of a bad relationship and your heart seems to be weighing you down, placing the right crystal (a pink quartz) over your chest will help you feel light and carefree. On the other hand, if you are suffering from some physical ailment which no doctor is being able to fix, turning to a crystal will prove to be beneficial as it will help the physical pain to disappear. 

Styling Them As Jewelry

Another big draw for the millennial generation is the fact that today crystal jewelry has become very popular. The trend to wear crystals as jewelry has always been prevalent but today we are seeing a surge in its popularity. Celebrities are regularly photographed wearing crystals and the market for crystal jewelry has expanded over the years. Earlier it was difficult for someone to identify a real crystal but today the top companies are opening shops online so that customers can verify the authenticity before buying crystal jewelry. Moreover, there is widespread knowledge on the Internet on how different crystals help heal. This makes crystals more accessible for young people. 

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