Use Of Amethyst In Treating Color Blindness

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Oct 14, 2020
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Use Of Amethyst In Treating Color Blindness

Color blindness is a deficiency that is caused by some unknown reasons since birth. The eye is one of the essential organs in our body and helps to see our beautiful world. In these eyes are not able to identify some colors. The retina contains two kinds of cells. Out of which cones is helps to control the color vision. Various pigments help to identify the color and when there is any problem in the pigment, the person won’t see color. The effect of color blindness deficiency can be mild, severe, and moderate, depending on the defect. If it is inherited, the condition will remain the same throughout life. It won’t get either better or worse.

The physical causes of this deficiency are yet being researched, but the color blindness is usually caused due to the defect in cones and sometimes in the path of the cones to the brain. People with normal eye vision have all three kinds of cones and their pathways correctly works, but due to some injury or reasons, one or more defect in cones can cause color blindness.



The symptoms are pronounced and generally diagnosed by their parents at a young age. In some cases, the symptoms very modest they even can’t notice by the affected person. The common signs of the color blindness are as follow:

  • Difficulty distinguish between the colors
  • Unable to see shades or tones of the same color


Crystal for color blindness and other eye deficiencies

Basically, Amethyst is the best stone that is used for eyes and eyes related deficiencies. It is also linked with Third eye chakra as well as Crown chakra. The powerful purple gemstones are also beneficial for peaceful as well as protection vibration. It uses to transform negative energy into positive energy and back it into the universe. It eases the tension and calms scattered thinking. It improves motivation and promotes emotional balance. It also helps to soothe, calm, and connect people with a higher level of consciousness.


Metaphysical powers of Amethyst

Amethyst has metaphysical properties to cure disease related to blood, acne, digestion, infections, insomnia, nightmares, skin condition, immune system, and color blindness. It is beneficial in bringing color into the lives of such people who can’t see all colors accurately. However, Amethyst doesn’t treat the problem of color deficiency as a whole but helps in getting some relief from it.

There are other crystals for this deficiency, but Amethyst is the most common and frequently used by many people to get some color blindness relief.


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