Top Five Things Which Makes You Sure About Yellow Opal

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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Top Five Things Which Makes You Sure About Yellow Opal


Opal is a precious gemstone and out of various color variants, yellow opal is a beauty on its own. Apart from its amazing looks, it has several metaphysical and healing properties that make it a great gemstone to use. If you want the lady luck to step in your life then there is no better stone than yellow opal. The benefits of yellow opal will protect you from bad luck and negative energies as well as dangers. With lots of positivity in your life, you will become happy and relaxed as well as focused on your goals. The best quality of these crystals can be found in Australia. The name of this gemstone is derived from the Sanskrit word Upala which means priceless gemstone and the Greek word Opallios which means a change of color.

Top reasons why you should be sure about yellow opal healing properties: 

1.   Physical healing powers of yellow opal: If you want to balance between your spirit, mind, and body then this is the best stone. It is a great stone that can soothe neurological conditions and other diseases associated with the nervous system. It is beneficial in many fatal illnesses too such as kidney infections, gallstones. If you are low on energy then this is the best stone to put in water and consume the water. It is known to be helpful even in Parkinson’s disease when the crystal is placed on the crown chakra. It can cure diabetes when placed near the pancreas. When kept near the tummy of an expectant mother, it helps in the easy delivery of the baby. Its positive energy improves immunity and makes you stronger against infections. 
2.   Mental healing powers of yellow opal: It removes energy blockages and all stress and negative energies from your mind. So if you want to get rid of the stress of daily work and remain carefree then this is the stone to choose. Its positive energy gives you vigor and new energy and so you can take the risk of new ventures with a free mind. It gives a broader perspective to look at things and so you get a clear vision of your ideas and efforts. This way it helps to excel in personal and professional life. A person suffering from depression can benefit from this crystal by getting a feeling of wellness, security, self-respect, and confidence. 
3.   Yellow opal brings positive energy in your soul: With an optimistic mind, you can solve most of the issues in your life. This crystal brings with it lots of positive energy which can balance your strength and compassion that you show to others. This removes negative energy and grief and fills your mind and soul with joy. It can also improve creativity and will feel to be much stronger. With this positive energy filled crystal comes optimism and motivation too. 


4.   Spiritual healing properties of yellow opal: This opal is known to improve your psychic abilities thereby helping you to get mental feats. It improves your communication powers by affecting the throat chakra and is best for telepathy. It can remove the pain of body and soul and improves psychic visualizations and spiritual consciousness and imagination. It is quite helpful to know the physical, mystical or even mystical world pursuits. 
5.   Chakra healing powers of yellow opal: Check out below how yellow opal provides aid to you through chakras. 

  • Yellow opal activates several chakras and can boost your willpower and self-confidence. 
  • It supports the energies of the chakras such as the crown chakra and the solar plexus. 
  • By activating these chakras this crystal connects the wearer with the spiritual will and helps you connect with the past. It improves creativity too. 
  • If you want to enjoy lucid dreaming then this is the perfect crystal for you. 
  • It helps you confront the challenges of life and it is beneficial for babies too. 
  • It has a positive effect on babies that are getting teeth. Keep the stone near the mouth of the baby and they will also eat properly. 

Because of all these properties of yellow opal, it is a wonderful crystal that you should possess. Do check out an entirely new and appealing yellow opal silver jewelry collection at Gemexi and get engrossed into the beauty of our latest and most versatile handcrafted jewelry collections.

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