Things To Be Kept In Mind While Wearing Chalcedony

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  • Posted: Tuesday, August 6, 2019
Things To Be Kept In Mind While Wearing Chalcedony



There are a wide variety of stones that have been labeled as Chalcedony. It is a group of gemstones that belong to the quartz group. Over the years any form of cryptocrystalline quartz had been categorized as Chalcedony, each varying in appearance, weight, and patterns. Since this was confusing now there is a more refined filter where only a specific type of cryptocrystalline quartz is called Chalcedony. The other types of cryptocrystalline quartz are now known by other names such as carnelian, banded agate and sometimes even jasper. On the whole Chalcedony tends to be more translucent (though opaque varieties are also known to exist), have lighter colors but are hard.   

Chalcedony is mined from many parts of the part, significantly from the USA, Uruguay, Madagascar, India, Myanmar, Brazil, Mexico and some parts of Africa. 

Why To Wear Chalcedony Jewelry

There are several good reasons why you should have an enviable Chalcedony jewelry collection to boast of. It is not only a popular category of gemstones but also one that looks extremely good. But before you decide to wear Chalcedony earrings or Chalcedony necklace, here are a few things you must keep in mind. 

  • They Come in Various Colors – One of the specialties of Chalcedony is that it can be found in many colors, particularly of lighter shades. If you like subdued rings that comfortably sit on your finger then there is hardly anything that is better Chalcedony rings. It is most commonly found in the colors light blue, white and gray. There is also other ‘Chalcedony in the narrow sense’ such as blue-white, yellow, brown, light tan that can be found. Chalcedony is mostly translucent but it is quite a strong stone. It measures above 7 on the Mohs Scale and is thus recommended for use in jewelry making. Often many impurities can be found in this quartz mainly due to the presence of nickel, iron, titanium or copper.  
  • Chalcedony Has Healing Properties – One of the primary reasons why you should be considering silver Chalcedony jewelry is because it is known to have healing properties. The quartz can be worn not simply as an accessory but also because they can heal a body physically, emotionally and mentally. Chalcedony has been revered for a very long time. In fact it was considered a prized possession as early as during the Bronze Age in the Mediterranean region. Many tools and jewelry using this quartz has been found by archeologists that date back to 1800 BC. Onyx which is a known variety of Chalcedony is called the birthstone for those born in December. It is also the zodiac stone for Leo. Chalcedony is known to bring emotional stability in a person. It also strengthens one’s stamina and endurance. Those who regularly wear this quartz are known to be kind, responsive and receptive. Chalcedony is also known to help cure physical illness such as fever, eye troubles and to some extent even leukemia. 
  • Makes Beautiful Sterling Silver Jewelry – Sterling silver is possibly one of the most under-rated metals there ever has been. In spite of it being in use for centuries and its prominence seen in many cultures, sterling silver has also been shadowed by gold. But when it comes to gemstone jewelry, they shine and sparkle giving the gemstone an accentuated appearance. This is exactly what you can expect when you wear sterling silver Chalcedony pendants or any other jewelry piece. You can check out our wide collection at Gemexi and shop to your heart’s content.  


Types of Chalcedony You Can Consider  
Since Chalcedony is a type of quartz there are many gemstones that are grouped together and called Chalcedony. Let’s take a look at some of the popular ones. 

  • Agate
  • Jasper
  • Onyx
  • Carnelian
  • Cat's Eye Quartz
  • Golden Quartz (Lemon Quartz)
  • Beer Or Whiskey Quartz
  • Mystic Quartz
  • Rose Quartz
  • Tiger's Eye
  • Agate Geode 
  • Aventurine 

The lesser-known varieties of Chalcedony are - 

  • Blue quartz
  • Chrysocolla
  • Chrysoprase
  • Prase
  • Fire Agate
  • Sard
  • Sardonyx
  • Plasma
  • Fossil Coral
  • Chrome Chalcedony 
  • Cornelian Onyx
  • Hawk's Eye
  • Prasiolite
  • Pietersite
  • Dumortierite Quartz
  • Tiger's Eye Matrix
  • Dendritic Agate 

Choose any Chalcedony gemstone and you will have a collection worth showcasing. Shop online at for a variety of wholesale Chalcedony jewelry such as rings, earrings, pendants, and necklace.


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