Suffering From Skin Disorders? Give a Chance To Shungite

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 11, 2020
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Suffering From Skin Disorders? Give a Chance To Shungite

As old as powerful! Shungite is a 2-billion-year-old stone. It was originally found in village Shunga in Russia and thereby got this name. It is one of the very powerful and rare stones to find. It is considered to have strong connections with the earth and therefore also regarded as the best grounding stone. The healing properties of shungite are simply miraculous. It is getting extremely popular in western countries owing to this and at times also known as “Stone of Life.”
Shungite doesn’t appeal to many when it comes to appearance. It looks very similar to coal but then when it gets converted into beautiful designer shungite silver jewelry than people simply get enticed. The benefits of shungite are:
Physical healing properties of shungite: Shungite is considered as a treatment for many infirmities, diseases, and allergies. It slows down the HIV virus and has antihistaminic as well as anti-inflammatory effects. It heals the cancers and averts the cancerous cells from growing. It proves as a great rescue from kidney troubles, heart issues, liver diseases, arthritis, and osteoarthritis. It cures all skin disorders and is a very good stone to stop your hair from falling.  If your blood pressure is not coming within try this stone, it will ease the maximum of your physical issues.
Emotional healing properties of shungite: Shungite is a stone that is filled with possibilities and pragmatism. It pushes the wearer to go beyond his limits and take up the task. It doesn't let the holder down with the small hurdles or difficulties; it relieves all stress and anxiety and keeps him focused and determined to achieve the goal. It keeps all kind of negativities away. It doesn't let your emotions overpower your brain. It acts as a catalyst for growth and transformation and encourages clear thinking. It maintains a high energy level and keeps you stable in all kinds of circumstances.
Spiritual healing properties of shungite: Shungite is a beautiful stone for spiritual development. It cleanses one’s aura and helps him to achieve a deep state of meditation. It protects you from evil spirits or physic attacks at the time of meditation and contributes in a comfortable and safe return. It connects you with your spirit guide, it clears your purpose of existence, and also it brings in peace and truthfulness in the soul. 
Chakra balancing with shungite: Shungite resonates with the base chakra and earth chakra. Being a grounding stone it helps the base chakra to be in harmony with the earth. The base chakra gives you a sense of security, steadiness, and a feeling of unprejudiced existence. 
Shungite is a great water purifier: On study, scientists have revealed that shungite has a fantastic cleansing ability. They say the stone has a fullerenes-a crystalline form of carbon that not only alters the water by purifying and energizing it but also enriches it with minerals. No wonder, why the Russian soldiers used to carry this stone at the time of the military campaign to purify the water and heal the wounds. Currently, Russians are using this mineral in medicine, agriculture, metallurgy, energetics, and chemical industries. 
Shungite is a miraculous stone! Don’t go on its looks, do possess it in the form of loose shungite stone or shungite silver jewelry and feel the benefits of it.


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