Spiritual Healing Through Gemstones

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 23, 2020
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Spiritual Healing Through Gemstones

Healing Through Gemstones – How it happens?

Many of you must be wondering that how healing through gemstones take place. Well, let us tell you that even after knowing so many amazing powers and effects of healing stones, it is a hot topic for debate that whether gemstones actually heal or not! But numerous people have reported and concluded that gemstones work as healing agents.

The spiritual gemstones of the healing gemstones are in use since ancient times. Be it the Ancient Egypt or Ancient Rome, the evidences of using gemstones as talismans and amulets and using them in form of healers have been observed frequently.

 So how does it actually happen? How do gemstones provide healing or recovery in any ailment? Well, the healing crystals or the healing gemstones contain magnificent magnetic powers, unique energies and of course, vibrations. These stones emit vibrations that do not only affect the user but also the surroundings. Most of the gemstones have the amazing ability to remove negativity from the aura of its user. 

The healing gemstones are placed on the ‘chakras’ or energy points in body. By creating the right balance in the relevant chakras and by using its own special ability, a specific healing stone works beneficially for its user.

In short, it is mainly the energy and the rate of vibrations found in gemstones which work towards any healing procedure or aids in speeding up the recovery process in any person. 

Different Healing Gemstones Have Different Powers

Yes! No two haling stones are same! They might contain some common characteristics but they are different from each other. This is so because the healing gems contain different energies and different rate of vibrations. It is this difference which makes each gemstone a unique one. For example, when you use Clear Quartz, you get to maintain good health as this gemstone aids in clearing any blockages in energy points. The lilac Amethyst can help you in spiritual healing and enhancing creativity. The bright yellow colored Citrine can be used to improve your communication abilities. Similarly, there are many healing gems that can work for your mind, body and soul. These stones help you learn new things, develop new skills and also let you recognize your own abilities and powers.

Spiritual Gemstones – Just as we experience blockage in energy points of our body and it becomes quintessential to clear those blockages for good health, similarly, it becomes necessary to remove or clear blockages in the spiritual path. Those who want to get connected with the spiritual world or with the higher realms can use the healing gems or the spiritual gemstones. However, you need to consult an expert to find a gemstone that can be used for enhancing your spiritual powers. Amethyst, Angelite, Celestite, Charoite, Clear Quartz, Selenite and many more healing gems can be used by those who are interested in knowing more about the spiritual world..

Gemstones Healing - How to choose the one you need? – There are some very interesting and easy methods to choose the right gemstone. It is said that when you look at many gemstones at a time, you will notice that there will be one which will attract you more with its color. The gemstone which attracts you the most in terms of color can be the most suitable on for you. Another way is to keep gazing at gemstones for several minutes. The one which gets most of your gazes will be the right one for you. 

However, you have to take care of one thing while following the above methods. You should choose a peaceful place for carrying out the above procedures so that there are no distractions of disturbances. Also, you should be very calm while applying the aforesaid methods of choosing the right gemstone. It is also necessary that your mind should not b preoccupied with any sort of thought. You should always think about the intentions which you want to fulfill with a particular gemstone.

Healing with Gemstones – It is also important to mention that healing through gemstones does not take place immediately. It happens when you use them regularly for a long period of time. However, you start feeling and observing positive energy and changes in your life when you start using healing gems. Thus, you should be very patient while using healing gems and expecting results from them.

Taking care of Healing Gemstones – For all those who want to attain optimum benefits from healing stones and their amazing energies should take care of one important point. It is very essential to store, wear and take care of healing stones in the right way. Keep your gemstones in a separate jewelry box that contains a cushion. This will save your gemstones and healing stone jewelry from getting any scratches. Also, do not wear your crystal or healing stone jewelry while doing strenuous tasks like physical exercise or while doing any household works that involve the use of chemicals. This can damage the luster and properties of your gemstone. Clean, cleanse and charge your healing gemstones at regular intervals of time. This is essential because every healing gemstone absorbs negative energy with time.

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