Reasons Why We Love Opalite Gemstone

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Posted: Thursday, November 21, 2019
Reasons Why We Love Opalite Gemstone


Soft, subtle and calming, the Opalite gemstone is a beautiful and rare creation of nature. They occur naturally in volcanoes but as volcanoes are not something very frequent or common, they are available in very less quantity all around the world. When the opalized volcanic ash cools down, they come into existence. Natural Opalite gemstone is found in Brazil and Africa but then the number of stones coming from there is not enough to suffice the demand of it. Men made Opalite have come into scenes to meet the demand and trust us the fact that they are man-made doesn’t decrease its beauty or benefits at all. Rather naturally what occurs in just clear/milky or iridescent colors, is now available in yellow, blue, pink, lavender and green color. 
Opalite is a man-made glass made up of dolomite and metal to create an opalescent appearance. The other names by which they are known are tiffany stone, Opalized fluorite, Ice cream opal, and purple opal. 

The various reasons why Opalite gemstone is worth loving are:

Physical healing properties of Opalite: Opalite holds the propensity to heal various physical issues of the wearer.  It balances the water content in the body as well as avoids the problems of bloating.  It keeps the kidneys, lungs healthy and assists in proper circulation of oxygen in the body. It stimulates the memory of the holder as well as stabilize the neurons of the torso. Opalite also regulates the production of insulin in the body and is appraised to support the hormones of females. The issues of PMS or conceiving can be sort with it. If you want to have healthy hair, skin, nails, and eyes, then this stone is worth a try. It helps in overcoming the feeling of exhaustion,  enhances the sexual powers of both partners and stabilizes the mood swings of a person.
Emotional healing properties of Opalite: Opalite beautifully supports the emotional torso of the holder. They help you to accept changes, unbolt the hidden emotions and gather all energy to self-construct yourself again. It assists in all kinds of changes particularly the ones related to love life. Loose Opalite stone is a stone of personal power which brings in the self-esteem and helps in knowing self-worth. It eliminates the fear and worries and promotes you to go ahead in life, to speak out your heart, to stay positive and embrace the various experiences of life. Opalite soothes the symptoms of depression and overall is a very clamming and relaxing stone. 
Spiritual healing properties of Opalite: Opalite is an excellent stone to communicate on a spiritual level. It is assessed to raise the level of intuition and govern the state of mind of its carrier which includes connection of conscious and subconscious state of mind. It keeps the negative energies away and is best to achieve the highest meditative state. Further, Opalite is also assessed to raise the level of intuition in the holder and call upon the vision of lucid dreaming. 
Chakra healing and balancing with Opalite: Opalite is said to resonate well with the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. When placed on the crown chakra, it stimulates psychic powers. Combining with Blue Peruvian Opal, it lets the opening of third-eye chakra; the chakra of vision, intuition, and insight. Opalite unblocks the energies inside, it helps in understanding the soul’s path in life. It cleanses the aura around and maintains a healthy flow of positive energy. 
Opalite is rightly suggested for people with the astrological sign- Cancer. It can effortlessly align the physical, mental and spiritual energies of the holder as well as allow them to enjoy the maximum benefits from the calming and dynamic energies from it. It develops immense hope and strength in the person. It allows you to use your capabilities until full extent and have that confidence to excel in life. 
Overall the benefits of Opalite are many. If after reading these above five reasons, you feel that Opalite is a must buy then you must visit Gemexi. Here at Gemexi, you will get a wide range of Opalite silver jewelry as well as loose Opalite stone. The jewelry and the loose stone, both carry the potential to make a considerable physical, emotional and spiritual difference in your life. 


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