Opal - a Stone of Protection

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Opal - a Stone of Protection

Alleged to offer a “clock of invisibility”, Opal is proved to be useful for the beings when they want get fade away or become unnoticed. Known as a stone of protection, opal acts as a defensive shield which protects the wearer from negative energies and thoughts of others. It is too very beneficial when travelling in dangerous places or in the shamanic work where the stealth if needed.

Physical Healing Properties

Opal is goof for its carrier in physical terms as it maintains the health of his skin, nails, hair and eyes. It may also be used for treating the eyesight to clarify and strengthen it. It cures the issues that are related with the eyes. It may also be utilized for balancing the water content of its wearer’s body, overcoming the dehydration or removing the water retention.

Emotional Healing Properties

A wonderful and supportive charm, Opal is dedicated for strengthening and healing the emotional body of the owner who wants to instill the honesty into the true self. The high internal power of this appealing gemstone attracts the feeling and thoughts on the top for examination. It too reveals the emotional state of the being in his past or even in his previous birth. This cleaning and expanding process may be severe on the first meet with Opal but with the time it teaches its holder to carry the responsibility of one’s feelings while omitting his past wounds, resentments and fears.

Chakra Balancing and Healing Properties

Opal comes nearly in all the hues and the power of the dominating color may be used for stimulating the corresponding chakras. The striking play of the colors in many varieties of Opal is employed for activating various chakras and connecting them to the Crown Chakra. This infuses the aura with the full rainbow of light for healing.

Spiritual Healing Properties

A marvelous vehicle that is used for carting the spiritual light into the surrounding is Opal. It awakens the mystical and psychic qualities of the wearer, enhances the cosmic consciousness and raises the level of insight and intuition.

Traditionally, Opal is used for invoking the visions, increasing the lucid dreaming and too acts as a shamanic guide and protector in the journey of deep self for healing. Opal was too connected with Mercury/Hermes, who told the transported the dead souls to the underworld. Today it helps the one who enter the realms to allow the crossing-over of the ghosts and spirits to the higher realms. 

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