How Tree Agate Helps In Overcoming Life's Storms

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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How Tree Agate Helps In Overcoming Life's Storms


Tree agate is a form of green agate that is composed of silicon dioxide, which is a type of cryptocrystalline quartz. This layered and distinctly banded chalcedony is fibrous and often confused with Jasper. But the main difference between these stones is that jasper is opaque and agate is translucent. Out of the different varieties of Agate, tree agate is known to be powerful in overcoming the bad phases of life. It is known as tree agate as it is having green color bands and the chalcedony seems like branches of a tree. 

Healing properties of Tree Agate

This agate balances the person’s energy of the earth and the energy of the green world. It means it makes one more responsible for the ecosystem and earth and it fosters viability and positivity that helps a person to grow. This semi-precious stone is also good for knowing about the wisdom of trees and it gets activated by sunlight. You can store this stone in a container or the soil. 

Tree agate healing properties is believed to be a Talisman in many regions of India as it promotes inner peace. With this stone, you can calm your nerves and it gives you the power to handle your problems and reduce stress. 

It is a good stone to promote team building, co-ordination and dissolves egoism. It can also ease personal as well as professional relationships.

This stone serves as a support system and regulates the water balance of the body by boosting the immune system. It clears off negative energies from the body and mind and gives you the power to move ahead in life in a positive manner. By opening up the energy pathways it connects with the natural cycles in life leading to prosperity and abundance. 

Its calming energy can heal stress and physical ailments of blood capillaries and nerves such as neuralgia. You will find several benefits of tree agate.

Agate can improve mental functions thereby providing stability, clarity and promoting creativity. It can replace your negative emotions with love and compassion. Although it works slowly and gently, its effects are long-lasting and guaranteed. 

Some people also consider the green color of tree agate to be associated with money. It is considered to bring wealth and prosperity to its wearer. It is also associated with abundance, growth, and vitality. 




The vibrant green color of this agate brings with it good luck and is believed to protect from bad energies. 

This tree agate silver jewelry is excellent for meditation, as it deepens the meditation and gives you a lot of inner peace. Instead of just creating a hike, it works slowly and steadily and helps you to experience the entire beauty of meditation and the nature around you.
With this stone, you learn to appreciate mother nature and its wonders. At the same time, it heals your soul and calms you by removing arrogance, replacing it with gratitude. 

This magical stone has several medicinal properties and it works quite simply. As your heart grows, so it also provides the resilience and strength to the body by removing negative energies and stress. It proves that love is the best healing power in this world. 

How to use it

To get the best benefit from this stone and its vibes, you should meditate with this agate daily. This way you can get personal and close to the magical stone. If possible, hold one crystal in each of your hands and feel it. Sit with the stone and breathe deeply and you will get the highest white light in your spirit. If while meditating, you visualize an intention, then this stone will store it for you and you will feel the pulling energy of nature towards your goal. 

This crystal is often kept in the potted plant's soil to double up its renewal and growth. For gardens, tree agate is often combined with green calcite, and rhyolite to generate a synergistic flow of positive and peaceful energy in your home. 

So what are you waiting for? Bring in the power of tree agate in your life. Browse our entire collection for the perfect stone which suits your personality.

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