How Angel Phantom Quartz Bring Light In Your Life

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Posted: Sunday, September 29, 2019
How Angel Phantom Quartz Bring Light In Your Life


Angel Phantom Quartz Stone, also known as amphibole quartz is a gemstone associated with luck. It is a rare crystal found only in one location in Brazil in Minas Gerais. It surrounds itself with other crystals such as Celestite, Rutilated Quartz, and Angelite and can bring around positivity and light in your life. This gemstone attracts the power of angels. If you consider the word phantom it is a shape of a smaller crystal within another crystal and is also called a ghost. These crystals are formed when the growth of a crystal gets interrupted and then it resumes its growth later on. It can help you solve unresolved issues of your past and improve your present life. It can also break free your thoughts from the guilt, negativity, and blame of the past and help you move forward.
This gemstone has wispy, wing-like inclusions that give the shape of an angel's wings. Angel Phantom Quartz is giving clarity to the soul by reaching higher levels of consciousness. It is known to connect people with the angelic realm and it brings a divine direction in the life of the wearer. Mineral composition of the stone includes Limonite, Kaolinite, Hematite or Lithium. 
With this stone, you can get closer to universal love as well as inner peace. It cleanses the energy blocks between the chakras and aligns them. This is the perfect quartz to give you directing light if you are starting a new venture or moving onto a new path in your life. 
Healing Properties of Angel Phantom Quartz that brings light in every aspect of your life:
You can feel the benefits of Angel Phantom Quartz while you are meditating and it will give you a soothing effect that can bring about inner joy and peace. If you want to experience lucid dreams that you can remember and interact with your guiding Angel then you must keep this crystal under your pillow. 
The below-mentioned Angel Phantom Quartz healing properties or effects can be experienced if you are holding or wearing the perfect Angel Phantom Quartz. 
Spiritually: Let us see how this gemstone helps you excel in the world of spirituality.

  • This gemstone is known to create and restore balance in human lives. 
  • The stone helps contact our spirit guides and angels as well as ancestors. 
  • You can use this stone for lucid dreaming, astral travel, and higher self-communication. 
  • It brings about a spiritual evolution by allowing you to come out of your past and find a new path in your life. 
  • With your angel’s guiding light around you can stay focused on your present and future. 


Emotionally: The angel quartz brings to you hope, faith and love. These phantom crystals encourage you to move past limitations and grow in your life. It has strong connections with the angelic realm and brings about clarity and joy. It gives you self-confidence that you can grow to your magnificent self. Place this stone in your pocket and you will never feel lonely as your angel will always be with you and guard you. It aids you to achieve emotional clarity and self-balance and protects you from verbal abuse. 
Mentally: Your thoughts have a huge impact on your words and actions. With this Quartz, you can gain flexibility in your thoughts and get clarity in taking decisions. Remaining focused is very important and if you are getting distracted by the events of the past then you should use this stone while meditating. It can protect the wearer from psychic attacks too.
Physically: It can also bring about physical healing and works like a wonder for problems related to digestion, eyes, fever, pain, etc. it can also help in lowering bad cholesterol present in your body. When kept under the pillow of children it can avoid bad dreams and fear. 
Chakra healing: This is an excellent crystal that can be used with the Crown Chakras and the Third eye chakra. It can help you know your inner strengths and leads to self-empowerment.
If you have Hematite in the Quartz it can provide grounding, Limonite can protect against psychic attack, Kaolinite can build intuition and together they take you close to universal love. This phantom is ideal to align all Chakras towards Crown Chakra. If you wear white phantoms inside this Quartz then it works with the Crown Chakra to integrate higher self-experience in other Chakras. 
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