What Is Black Onyx? Surprising Healing Properties and Meaning of Black Onyx Jewelry

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  • Updated On Apr 7, 2022
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What Is Black Onyx? Surprising Healing Properties and Meaning of Black Onyx Jewelry

Just as our homes, our jewelry boxes also need creative touch ups from time to time! If you already own the scintillating jewelry pieces done in gold, platinum, silver, rubies, emeralds and more, you ought to discover an intriguing gemstone that gives a refreshing uplift to your personality. The mesmeric black onyx is the perfect choice in such a scenario wherein you want to own and flaunt an absolutely unique gemstone both in terms of looks and significant healing benefits.

A Quick Glance at Onyx Stone 

Onyx is an attractive banded form of the mineral called chalcedony. Found in shades of brown, yellow, blue, red and black, this gemstone generally comes in a nice waxy lustre. It is worthy to mention that the bands in onyx can be found in a wide range of colors covering almost all types of shades.

Get to Know Your Black Onyx Gemstone

Ask anyone about the most popular type of onyx and you will get the instant reply as ‘Black Onyx’! Yes! The black magical beauty called the black onyx is revered across the globe and various cultures for its incredible powers and unrivalled looks. The gemstone has been in use since old ages and has always symbolized protection and power. Surrounded with great admiration and high-demand, the gemstone has always remained highly famous in diverse cultures including the Greek, Roman, Indian, Chinese, etc. It is strongly believed that this beautiful and attractive gemstone stores unparalleled protective powers. 

Why Black Onyx is Termed as Magical Beauty?

You must be wondering why this gem is often called so! The reason is quite obvious! With stunning black shade and the powers that are so incredibly interesting, the black gemstone onyx has rightly been called the black beauty. Since times immemorial, it has chiefly been worn by people to stay protected from the evil eyes and negative effects. Even today, many people worn this gemstone in form of amulets and talisman to safeguard themselves from various hazards. Be it your objective of achieving uniqueness in your appearance or whether you want to enjoy the powers of this magical gemstone, wearing onyx black jewelry will always make you feel delighted inside and out. 

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Significant Benefits Offered by the Onyx Black Jewelry

Black onyx is a bundle of properties and powers. Some of the most significant powers and benefits offered by this gem are mentioned below. 
  1. Provides protection from negative vibes

Negativity of any form is harmful for each of us. Be it the negative thoughts, or the negative attacks coming from the surroundings, we need to stay protected. By wearing the effective black onyx jewelry in form of onyx silver rings, bracelets or pendants, you can keep negativity away. It is also worthy to know that the gemstone is regarded as the one that absorbs all the negative vibrations and transforms them into positive ones for its wearer. 
  1. Improves the power of focus

Are you struggling to concentrate on anything? Do you wish to get improved focus? If yes, wearing this black stone can truly help you out. The gem is known for enhancing the focus power of its wearer.
  1. Offers balance in emotions

Do not let your emotions take control of you; rather, you become the controller of your thoughts and emotions. By wearing beautiful onyx silver rings, black pendants in onyx or other jewelry forms in this gemstone, you can achieve balance in your emotions. 
  1. Serves as a wonderful grounding stone

It is also said and believed that this gemstone is an amazing grounding stone. It activates various chakras like the third eye chakra, solar chakra and the root chakra and thus, provides various healing benefits too. You can even meditate in a better way with the help of this gem.
  1. Addresses various physical ailments

As mentioned above, the stimulation of various chakras offered by the gem is a very important property. One can find relief in many physical illnesses by stimulating the various energy points or chakras in the body. Using this black magical stone, the wearer can notice multiple beneficial and healing results. Using and wearing black onyx has been found helpful in many ways. The gem helps treat the problem of body swelling. The gemstone has also been found helpful in addressing ailments related to the stomach. It also gives relaxation from back pain, feet swelling and stomach pain. It also provides relief in issues related to menses. One can also find relief from extreme tiredness by wearing this amazing black gemstone.
  1. Brings clarity to thoughts

The confusing and complicated thoughts affect our mental state badly. If you think that you often stay surrounded by such thoughts, you need to find an option that helps achieve clarity in your thought procedure. Using the black onyx jewelry can be helpful in this regard also. The fans of this gem claim that using the stone aids in attaining lucidity of thoughts. 
  1. Helps identify problems and take better decisions

Get courage with this gemstone in identifying your problems. Acknowledge them and try to solve them. The black onyx will give you strength as well as the eye to know and understand various problems. Along with inviting clarity in thoughts and filling you with courage, the gem will definitely help you take better decisions in various situations of life. 

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The beauty of the Black Onyx Jewelry 

There will be no exaggeration in saying that when it comes to the most enchanting black-colored gemstones, black onyx certainly makes it to the top places! The waxy lustre with opaque appearance in this gemstone looks incomparable and makes for a beautiful choice in fine jewelry. Apart from its significant healing properties, the gemstone is also loved, admired and valued for its rich looks that it offers to anyone’s look. You can opt to wear the beautiful statement necklaces, pendants or rings that embed the black onyx with gold or silver. Wear black onyx gemstone jewelry with your glamorous black evening gown or a formal black dress. Pair it in an attractive style with contrasts like white apparels, outfits in gold hue and yet more! Adding tons of beauty to your style and filling you with unbelievably significant powers, the black magical stone black onyx is definitely the one that would prove to be a true companion of yours!

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    Jul 30, 2022, 7:28:25 AM

    Black onyx is one of my favorite stones. I wear black onyx to balance my emotions. And its black color gives me an attractive look.

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    Nov 29, 2022, 9:29:53 AM

    Black onyx looks classic and trendy. And it adds grace to the attire.

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