Get Some Interesting Facts About Schalenblende Polen

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 11, 2020
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Get Some Interesting Facts About Schalenblende Polen

Schalenblende Polen- a mixture of four minerals is indeed a unique and interesting jewel boulder on earth. It is made up of zinc, galena, marcasite, and sphalerite. The marcasite is also known as wurtzite. The visible patches of grey are because of mineral galena and the other colors in it like yellow and brown make it a very distinctive stone altogether. The four bands play a beautiful combination of colors. It can range from creamy white to cocoa brown to silver.
Schalenblende Polen is commonly extracted from Olkusz, the beautiful regions of Poland. If you want to experience the beauty of it, you have to either slice it through or wear it in the form of Schalenblende Polen silver jewelry. The stone is also known as shell ore in the German language, implying the concentric layer formation of it. 

The Schalenblende Polen healing properties are:

Physical healing properties of Schalenblende Polen: Schalenblende Polen is embraced with powers that mean to heal physical torso in various regards. It proffers strength along with vigorous vibes to the carrier. It soothes the pain of the stomach and head. It mends the breathing hitches as well as cure the dizziness. Schalenblende Polen is a stone to trust when it comes to balancing the glands. It keeps the body temperature in control and lets you enjoy a healthy immune system. It even enhances the sex capability of the holder. If you have any issues related to vision, the Schalenblende Polen can be of great help. It clears all infections as well as strengthen the vision. It enhances the function of taste buds as well as the sense of smell. The stone is also known to release the excessive exhaustion and fatigue from the torso of the holder. It is pondered to cure obliterates, the main cause of diabetes. 
Emotional healing properties of Schalenblende Polen: Schalenblende Polen strengthens the emotional torso of the holder. It furnishes equanimity to the feelings and stabilizes the thought process. It carries away all negative energies, creates a positive aura and imparts you the courage to speak up your unsaid emotions. It can even correct the off-track relationship of yours with any of the family and friends and take it to the most cordial level. Schalenblende Polen stone gives a new direction to the carrier’s life as well as new hopes and new goals to try for. It brings in feelings of understanding and compassion. It gives you the courage to fight in the situation and it even renders sound sleep, keeping all disturbing thoughts away.
Spiritual healing properties of Schalenblende Polen: Schalenblende Polen strengthens the connection of the holder with nature. It enhances spiritual wisdom and in turn, keeps the life scared. It promotes you to enjoy life, the gift of god and furthermore helps you to understand the true essence of life. It fills your heart with love and belief and allows you to unfold the secrets the happiness while taking this journey of life.
Schalenblende Polen heals chakras too: Schalenblende Polen links the energy of the carrier to the energy of nature. It carries yin/yang energies to align the overall torso. It resonates well with the root chakra and is conceived to control the kinaesthetic energies and feelings. The stone rekindles the sense of self-worth along with the capability of leadership.
Schalenblende Polen is highly demanded by crystal maniacs and jewelry lovers. If you also want to experience the benefits of it, do buy a loose Schalenblende Polen stone or Schalenblende Polen silver jewelry. Both the ways you will feel the difference in your life. Also, do check for buying this magical stone.

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