Cure Cough Through Crystal

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Apr 11, 2024
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Cure Cough Through Crystal

Coughing is normal, but when it stays more than three weeks turn into a critical one. Similarly, many types of cough depending on the time it remains. There are so many other reasons behind the coughs. Usually, people found coughing normal and didn’t take any treatment, but sometimes it is a sign of any other major problem in the body. 


Several conditions can cause Coughing. Some are temporary, and some are permanent as well discussed under:

Mucus development in the throat: It is important to clear your throat regularly if not, then mucus may be developed, and the problem of cough develops due to that. This type of Coughing is infrequent and may increase with exposure to irritants like smoke. 

Virus or bacteria: Viral and bacterial infection is also one of the reasons for Coughing. The most common symptoms of these infections are Flu, Cough, and Cold. Flu and coughs, which are caused by infection, may take a longer period to cure and sometimes require antibiotics.

Smoking: People who do smoking very often may face issues regarding Coughing. It will get chronic with a distinctive sound, which is caused by coughing.

Asthma: Asthma patients mostly face coughing very often. Commonly asthmatic Coughing may include wheezing and also making it very identical. An inhaler is the best treatment at the time of Asthma exacerbations. It helps children to grow with asthma as they get older. 

Medicine: Certain medicines have some rare side effects, which can cause Coughing and other problem. Medications that are prescribed for high BP or heart conditions can cause Coughing. This type of Coughing will stop when such types of medicines are discontinued.

Other: There may be some other reasons as well for Coughing. Some of them are as follows: 
  1. Damage to the vocal cordsPostnasal drip
  2. Bacterial infections like pneumonia, whooping cough, and croup
  3. Serious conditions like heart failure and pulmonary embolism 

Healing Crystals used for Coughing

There are certain gemstones that are used to get some relief from a cough that lasts too long. They may take time to cure as a whole, but it will be cured. These crystals are highly recommendable by most the crystal healers for curing Coughing. These gemstones are as follows:

Amber: It is a powerful cleanser, detoxer, and a wonderful natural antibiotic. It helps boost the immune system and chares their own healing powers to do whatever they need to do. Amber is made up of petrified tree resin, and hence, it is associated with our solar plexus and our lungs. Thus, it is beneficial to bring relief to people suffering from cough, blocked nose, and heavy chest.

Aquamarine: People who are suffering from horrid cough and bad chest. Aquamarine will help them to get some relief. It is beneficial when placed on their chest and hollow of their throat. When people suffer from Coughing, they have excess fluids in their lungs. Aquamarine is linked with the element of water and has soothing and cooling effects on our bodies. It will help in eliminating the excess of mucus, which is developing due to coughing from the body.

Topaz: This crystal is also known for its soothing and cooling properties. It will help in calming the uneasiness and other problems that are developed due to cough. It is beneficial in bringing strength and power to the body to fight against other diseases.


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