Crystal Grid to Heal the Earth

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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Crystal Grid to Heal the Earth

Amazing Crystal Powers

Nature has bestowed many invaluable gifts to us. If we value and understand the virtues of these natural treasures, we can resolve many issues that exist in our lives. One such example is the crystals. The world has recognized the power of crystals. They heal; bring happiness and sorts out many problems. Specific crystals are used for specific reasons. The crystal experts can advise you on which crystals to use for a particular problem. The crystals are also used for creating a grid which is another way of achieving great positive results related to healing and balance. 

What is a Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid is a grid made of crystals that are organized in a particular pattern for maintaining a continuous flow of energy. Some of such popular patterns include the circles, triskelion, tensor and other geometric patterns. However, it is important to notice that these grids can be made by anyone and in any way. You do not need to follow specific patterns. All you need is a few natural elements like sand, glass, etc., and of course, the natural crystals. Once you start making the grid, you can use your own creativity and you will observe that the crystals are guiding you for a certain pattern. 

Important Facts Related to the Grid of Crystals

  • These grids can be created either on the ground or on the body of the patient for achieving significant healing. 
  • These grids maintain a constant energy flow.
  • One can use such a grid for an individual goal or for a larger goal related to the planet, world or whole universe.
  • They are helpful for achieving a specific purpose like the healing of earth after a disaster, recovery of a person, etc.
  • Apart from healing, these grids are also utilized for the manifestation objective.
  • They can be formed simply in circular shapes or in more attractive patterns like creative geometric forms, etc.

Crystal Grid for Earth Healing

The grid made of crystals has been recognized as a wonderful option for healing Mother Earth. Whether our Mother Earth has gone through some sort of disaster, damage or disturbance, the grid of crystals will help in Earth healing. The crystals powers hidden in such grids help invite and maintain harmony, peace, healing, balance, and health. Aligning the powers of the grid, our Mother Earth uses and combines its own positive energies so that the overall healing procedure enhances naturally. The point worth mentioning is that while creating a crystal grid, one should use only the naturally occurring elements apart from the real crystals. Few examples for the same can be the following:

  • Shells and conch
  • Sand
  • Glass
  • Pebbles and other such materials.

You can create a base with any of the above items and can place it on the ground, cloth, table or plate.

The crystal grids do not only look highly beautiful but they do a lot for achieving healing for Earth as well as for your personal purpose as they are full of immense crystal powers. You can even use one for creating harmony in your house, especially after some sort of clash or disagreement. 

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