Benefits of Gemstone Wands

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Dec 4, 2020
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Benefits of Gemstone Wands

History of Gemstone Wands

Some older civilizations like Egyptians, Greek, Sumerians, Shamans, etc. use the Crystal Wands to heal in many ways. In their practices, they actually apply it on the body. This practice is also carried by some healers into modern days as well. The popularity of the holistic healing method is again creating its own way in the present era.


Types of Gemstone Wands

 There are various kinds of crystal wands available in the market to choose from. Each Gemstone has its own healing properties, which affect differently on the body and chakras as every Gemstone has different therapeutic properties and can be used for special properties. You can own your wands made up of different Gemstones. Their flexibility and huge quantity make them an important wand for everybody to have. It is important to know all about your needs and wants for which you want a Crystal wand that will help you to choose the right wand appropriate for your purpose.


Best wand for the beginners

Wands made of quartz with good quality are most recommended for beginners as it has a lot of healing gemstones, which have properties to cure any kind of sickness of the body or sensations. It is the best source for assembling and transforming energy into healing powers. It is better to have the knowledge and the ability to recognize the healing properties so that you will be confident about it while choosing a crystal wand. For example, if anyone is dealing with an emotional breakdown, then Amazonite is the best crystal for dealing with the emotions and affections.


Uses of a Crystal wand

There are various uses of these wands. Some of these uses are as follow:

  • Crystal wands are used in healing massage as holistic gemstones. This will help the body remove the anxiety while the gemstone’s healing energy is transferred to the body.
  • It is also used in healing through pressing points. It was often said that we have certain points with specifications on our hands and feet, which can cure many problems.
  • These wands can be used to find the sensations and blockages to rise out and heal them as well.


Different Gemstone Wands

  1. Clear Quartz Gemstone Wands:

    The Master Healer and amazingly beautiful crystal, Clear Quartz wands are extremely versatile and can use for many purposes. It is a good healer for vertigo and dizziness. It will make the immune system stronger and aid the thyroid. As well as it is also used to set a connection between the spirits.
  2. Amethyst Quartz Gemstone Wands:

    Amethyst Quartz wands are a very powerful stone that is used to energize the mind, body, and soul. It also prevents the person from evil or negative energy.
  3. Smoky Quartz Gemstone Wands:

    It is a very spiritual Gemstone. It is used to relieve anger, jealousy, fear, and grief. It will aid in calmness, comfort, and as well as soothe depression. It is also used in treatments like chemotherapy or radiotherapy. It is also beneficial for infertility. 


Benefits of Crystal Wands

These holistic Crystal wands are also working to complement other healing powers and be combined with other approaches to accelerate the healing strategies. There are some benefits of using the Crystal wands are as follows:

  1. It will help in recognizing the intensely hidden feelings and as well as boost your memory.
  2. It will help to enhance your strength, wealth, and resourcefulness.
  3. It will provide fair and dominant support to surviving different traumas like sexual abuse, broken families, and intoxication.
  4. It will help the person to understand the relationships and enjoyment in various aspects of life.
  5. It will help you to understand your duties in life.
  6. It assists your self-healing at every stage of your life.
  7. It helps in balancing the body during low-intensity frequency.
  8. It helps to build up the energy, focus, and absorption.
  9. It will help in obtaining a relaxing and deeper sleep.

Similarly, these amazing wands had lots of healing powers and properties which are often used by the healers. You just need to know your needs and desires, which you want to fulfill so that you can choose the right wand, and that will work for you.


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  • Wyawatt
    Sep 28, 2022, 6:23:17 AM

    Wands have many multiple uses as healer gemstones, in home decoration. It helps me in recognizing intensely hidden feeling and as well as boost my memory.

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