Axinite, Known as a Stone of Truth

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Posted: Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Axinite, Known as a Stone of Truth

Axinite is a gemstone which permits its owner to accept the changes generously and grant the grounding in all the activities and actions. Branded as a Stone of Polarization, Axinite represents its procedure of configuration of the physical powers with the powers of this whole world. This fascinating gemstone spreads the powers that calms all kinds of relations and inspires the friendship.

Axinite has the power to attract Mother Gaia into the torso from the Earth Chakra. It is known as a Stone of Truth also. Moreover, this amazing crystal avoids the struggles and conflicts in the life of the wearer.

When the body of the wearer goes through the process of healing the diseases, Axinite acts as an energizing tonic that fastens up that healing process.

Axinite hues may contrast that depends upon the composition it possesses. Most of the varieties of Axinite are available in the golden brownish hues. There are other kinds of Axinite that are available in other colors that range from brown to brownish red and lavender to violet.

Physical Healing Properties

Axinite raises the power level of its owner and refills the power in the person. It is an ultimate gemstone for the one who feels the inactivity, stress and fatigue. It enhances the stamina of its owner so that he may carry out his work perfectly. Since the past, Axinite is known for relieving the pain and treating the muscle disorder.

Emotional Healing Properties

The grounding powers of this excellent gemstone harmonize the holder’s emotions. It is reputed as an emotional healer which controls the levels of the tension and over-stress that is caused by the emotional turmoil.

Chakra Healing and Balancing Properties

Axinite is whispered as a gemstone for balancing and healing the Third Eye Chakra and Root Chakra. The Root Chakra is the endurance center of the human torso that is too the residence of the kundalini power.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Axinite is a charm which is used for enhancing the access of the holder towards the spiritual plane. This charm is also believed to guide the agitated and restless mind. It spreads the consciousness of the carrier from the mind of his soul. It permits him to interpret and understand his dreams by telling him truly its importance and meaning. It takes along the person towards in the journey towards the astral bodies and minds everything that is going wrong in his life. 


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