A Study About Stichtite Gemstone

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Aug 9, 2022
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A Study About Stichtite Gemstone

Stichtite is the mineral that is hydrated magnesium carbonate that is found in metamorphic and igneous rock. The colors range from light pink, hot pink, to a deep purple color. There are also a lot of shades in between. This stone has a nice and almost have the soapy feeling to it. It can also be found in many places such as Canada, Tasmania in Australia, and South Africa. In 1910, the name of this stone is derived from the name of the mine manager, Robert Stich, who first discovered it in Tasmania.

Uses of Stichtite

Stichtite acts as a guiding stone and brings more awareness about the guardian angels and spiritual guides from the higher realms. It will keep on reminding you that it is always there for you. It is the stone that will help you in strengthening and healing with your higher self. It will start working with the heart and higher heart chakras. This will provide you with the shield of protection around the body, mind, heart, and spirit.
This stone possesses lovely energies for the awakening of kundalini. It is also having the potent of healing energy that will help in resolving and healing the emotional problems.

Healing Properties of Stichtite and Health

  1. Stichtite is an excellent stone for physical healing, and it will help in the issues that are associated with the spinal column and brain.
  2. It is also known to help Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. It will also help children who are suffering from ADHD.
  3. One of the significant healing properties of Stichtite is that it has a positive effect on the brain, changing the way you think and feel about food.
  4. This stone will aid digestion and help in getting rid of emotionally based eating and food cravings.
  5. Stichtite healing properties can also help get rid of stretch marks.


Properties, Meanings, and Powers

Stichtite is also beneficial in regenerating the skin and promoting elasticity. It can also be very helpful in the weight loss efforts and your recovery after birth. Stichtite stone is very helpful in the regeneration of neural pathways that support dementia and spinal injuries. It will also help in the treatment of hernia.

  1. When you want to succeed in financial life, you must be ready for good judgment and wisdom as well. This will also act as guiding stones. 
  2. Stichtite silver jewelry will bring you the energies of maturity, experience, wisdom, and decision. It will also support you in acquiring the traits that are necessary to be successful with money.
  3. This stone will also help in improving the lifestyle and help you in becoming more prosperous and productive.
  4. The energies of this stone will also strengthen the self-discipline so that you will achieve the right skills.
  5. It will also inspire you to work hard and be disciplined. 
  6. With this stone, you will feel self-sufficient so that you will have a happy and satisfying life.

Stichtite, Relationships, and Love

Stichtite is having the incredibly loving vibration and it is also having the loving vibration and powerful effect with the thymus chakras and the heart. This will make this a very beneficial stone in dealing with the unresolved issues because it will stimulate the feelings of forgiveness, love, and compassion.

Emotional Benefits of Stichtite 

  1. It will also heal from emotional distress. It will embody the energies of the purple ray and builds a very powerful spiritual connection.
  2. This connection will then support you in forgiving others and allowing you to experience deep emotional healing.
  3. This stone will also inspire you to be more compassionate, honest, and forgiving. The energies of this stone will also give the courage to let go of the fears.
  4. The vibrations of it will show how you can release your ego-based issues and reach out to the significant.
  5. This stone will help in building morale, especially if you are having a tough time connecting to people, or if you are lacking self-confidence. 
  6. Stichtite will make you aware of the negative thoughts, attitudes, and feelings which are preventing you from achieving your desires.
  7. It is also a stone that will give you the protection from psychic and will protect you from being affected by the negative attitudes of other people.

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