A Complete guide on Rainbow Obsidian Eye gemstone

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Updated On Mar 16, 2020
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A Complete guide on Rainbow Obsidian Eye gemstone


Rainbows are fantastic, aren’t they? The colorful interplay brings so much happiness and joy in everyone’s life. But rainbows are so hard to see. That’s probably the reason why we love clothes, jewelry and all things in rainbow colors. Nature doesn’t stop surprising us with newer things every time. If rainbows over the horizon are a natural thing so are rainbow-colored minerals and gemstones that are nothing but natural occurrences. Though there are quite a few varieties of rainbow-colored gemstones, one which really stands out of the crowd is Rainbow Obsidian Eye gemstone.

It is a pretty elusive stone in many ways. At first glance, it may seem to be a simple black colored stone but on close observation, you can see the bands or layers of rainbow colors strewn all over. This is just one of the startling things about Rainbow Obsidian Eye gemstone. There are many more interesting things worth knowing about this beautiful and enchanting little piece of natural creation. 

Known By Many Names

When you go looking for a Rainbow Obsidian Eye silver jewelry, you may return home disappointed because you didn’t find a stone by the same name. You should know that this stone is known by several other names such as Rainbow Sheen Obsidian, Sheen Obsidian and also Iris Obsidian. 

Where It Is Naturally Mined From

It is believed that Rainbow Obsidian Eye has been in use for centuries. In fact, according to legends Nostradamus used the stone to foresee all his predictions! Today it is primarily mined from the Lepontine Alps in Switzerland. 

The Brilliance of The Gemstone

There are numerous benefits of Rainbow Obsidian Eye, some eye-catching, some mystifying and some purely brilliant. Rainbow Obsidian Eye healing properties have been attracting wise men and common people alike for centuries. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing healing properties of the stone.

  • It is a stone that vibrates with gentle energies and is believed to be perfectly suited for those with a soft heart. It is a sensitive stone perfect for peace-loving individuals. 
  • It is an amazing stone one that brings love in your life. If you are looking for a partner, wearing this stone can have amazing benefits. 
  • The stone also helps you get closer to spiritualism. It also keeps you closer to yourself in the process. 
  • Gemstones, in general, are believed to have an empowering effect. This is also true of loose Rainbow Obsidian Eye stone. Keeping it close to you will make you feel empowered and confident. You will be ready to take on the world with the help of this stone. 
  • Rainbow Obsidian Eye is a very positive stone. Its presence can only brighten things for you. It is a stone that dispels negativity and helps you embrace positivity in many different ways. 
  • The stone has much similarity with Agate Eyes in the sense that it helps you focus only on the good things. It is generally believed that when you stop looking or paying attention to negative things, you automatically get surrounded by things that are good, healthy and positive. Sometimes it isn’t easy to ignore all the vices that surround us. That’s where the brilliance of this stone comes into the picture. This stone urges you to see things positively and dispel everything that pulls you down.
  • Rainbow Obsidian Eye is closely associated with the root chakra. This means that this stone helps to keep you grounded. It has centering powers that help you stay focused and determined, especially with the job at hand. Thanks to the stone, you can stay humble even after reaching the heights of success. 
  • There are several physical benefits of this stone as well. It is especially considered to be helpful for those suffering from heart ailments. It helps keep the heart-healthy. 
  • If depressive thoughts are threatening to overwhelm you, keeping this stone close by can be helpful. Since it is filled with positive energies, the stone helps to fight depressive in its nascent stage.  

The many healing properties of Rainbow Obsidian Eye makes it not only an interesting stone but also one which you must possess. The beauty of this stone ensures that you can wear it in many forms – like an earring, pendant, bracelet or ring. If you are looking for some unique collection of Rainbow Obsidian Eye check out www.gemexi.com.

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