A Complete Guide on Opaline Healing

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Posted: Monday, July 29, 2019
A Complete Guide on Opaline Healing

Made by man, Opaline is no less beautiful or unique. It was first made in France and is in use since 1800. Several decorative pieces, as well as jewelry items, are adorned using this glass. The beautiful shades of blue, yellow and green captivate many hearts. Opaline glass mainly comes in two types; opaque and translucent. This glass contains high contents of lead and thereby make its place in the list of semi-crystal stones. The healing properties of Opaline are:

Emotional benefits of Opaline: Opaline is considered as an emotional stone. It is the mirror of the mood of the person who possesses it. This stone not only makes your emotions stable but also helps you in getting rid of shyness. It inculcates the feeling of freedom and independence, makes you realize your worth and setting you free from anger. This stone brings in loyalty, faithfulness, and spontaneity. For those who have lost the will of living, should try this crystal; it gives the strength and will to live. Opaline infuses love and kindness in all your relationships. It fires up your sexuality, lust, desire and let you enjoy the different pleasures of life. It shakes up the wild side of yours and encourages you to try different new things.  All in all, Opaline makes you more responsible for your emotions and capable of handling your reactions.

Physical benefits of Opaline: The vibes of opaline has positive effects on physical health. If you are addicted to alcohol, it detoxifies the body and regenerates the liver. For diabetes patients, it keeps the insulin level in control. It makes the kidney healthy by purifying the blood. It treats various infections and fever and strengthens the immune system. In case of any contraction in the heart, it relives you from that. It helps in the process of childbirth, ease out the symptoms of PMS and is an excellent stone to possess after the illness. Opaline is a stone with regenerative effects.

Other benefits of Opaline: Besides physical and emotional therapy, Opaline is also known to bring luck, abundance, and prosperity in life. It helps you understand your desires, mold your efforts in that direction, motivates you to work hard and soon make you achieve your dreams. It assists in encashing the right opportunities and reaping the maximum out of it.

In looks as well as feel, Opaline is very mild. It calms you down when going through a rough phase of life. It removes the stress from the surrounding area and infuses a layer of positivity around. It is excellent for concentration power and communication skills. Opaline overall generates feelings of love, compassion, generosity, and friendliness.

It cleanses and revitalizes your aura. It helps you become a better person. If suffering from emotional distress after heartbreak, it not only helps in overcoming it but also gives you the passion to be in a relationship again. It brings in the fun and playfulness in your relationships. It takes away all the grief and somber from your heart and fills your life with new perspectives and love.

On Moh’s scale of hardness, opaline rates at 5 to 5.6. The Opaline silver jewelry items of it look truly magnificent. If you are born between the months of September and October then you must try this semi-crystal. It is the birthstone for you people and trust us when worn with the right intention, it has powerful positive effects on one’s life.

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