What does a moonstone look like?

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On Nov 28, 2022
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What does a moonstone look like?

Moonstones are available in different colors, from opaque to semitransparent and from white to colorless, and some colorful effects like bluish, silver, or white adularescence. The colors of the moonstone may vary. They can be green, brown to yellow, or gray to black. Some moonstones also give cat’s eye effects, and sometimes it gives four rays star-like effect as well, which is known as asterism.

Some factors should be the focus on before buying any moonstone, which are as follow:
  1. Backside color of the stone
  2. Sheen orientation
  3. Color
These are three factors that will help a buyer know that the moonstone jewelry they are buying is good.

Different Moonstone Colors

People think that moonstone quality should be shown in their color, semitransparent, or nearly transparent to colorless for a very long time. The purest moonstone is the crystal with glassy purity with an electric blue shimmer. When it comes to body color or color of the backside of the crystal, it should be nearly colorless or some yellowish to brownish tints. The sheen of the crystal should be centered on the top of it so that it can be seen from different angles & from a wide range. The most popular moonstone variety includes yellow to the orange color known as a peach.

Moonstone Clarity

A perfect moonstone should be transparent and as free of incorporation as possible. Characteristics of inclusion or incorporation in the crystal may include small cracks, which are known as centipedes. Above mentioned points which will help everyone to know what the actual moonstone looks like.

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  • Paisley
    Sep 23, 2022, 6:00:24 AM

    A perfect moonstone should be transparent and as free of incorporation as possible. I like moonstones because it has many colors.

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