Various Tips to Identify A Right Gemstone

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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Various Tips to Identify A Right Gemstone

While the attributes and beauty of gemstones have successfully impressed everyone since years, there is a fact which needs special attention. Well, one needs to choose the right gemstone! If you carefully choose the right stone, you will be able to enjoy its numerous properties in the expected manner. On the other hand, the wrong selection of gemstone will not bring results as expected by you. Now that being said, let us tell you that there are some significant ways to identify gemstones. By applying these useful tips to find gemstones, you would be able to secure your path towards finding the real gemstones. Here, we share some easy yet effective ways to identify gemstones. We hope that our small guide to gemstones identification will help you choose the right gemstone. For your ease, we are dividing this into two sections so that you not only find true gemstones but also choose the right one for you!

Physical Identification of Gemstones

  • Check the surface – Remember that the real gemstones do not have very rough or grimy surface. Hence, touch the surface and determine yourself.
  • Explore the malleability factor – Stones that are easily malleable, meaning they can be shaped and hammered easily, cannot be gemstones. 
  • Check the structure – It is worth mentioning that structure plays an important role in gemstone identification. Authentic gemstones possess crystalline structure. 
  • Try to differentiate between synthetic and true gemstones – Synthetic gemstones are the ones that are manufactured in lab. You can differentiate them from true gemstones through few characteristics. For example, synthetic stones generally contain rounded growth patterns inside them. Similarly, there are many other attributes that can help you find out the difference between true and synthetic stones. 
  • Check for the color – Color is one of the basic yet important ways to identify gemstones. The warm and cool shades in stones have their own attributes that provide a clear hint about the intensity or saturation of colors in gemstones.

Tips to Find Gemstones as per your need

If you are looking for ways to identify gemstones so that you can sort out various issues in your life, here we tell you some important ways.

  • Find an expert – Find an expert who possesses the right knowledge of gemstones and their effects. Be it an accomplished astrologist or a gemologist, he or she should be able to guide you in the best manner so that you get a gemstone that helps you solve your problems. 
  • Choose the right color – Every color has its own affect. For instance, blue color is recognized for providing emotional as well as physical balance while the black is used for power and safeguard. 
  • Choose as per your own problems – Identify your problem first and then choose a gemstone. For example, if you are looking for love in your life, then you should certainly choose stones that are able to invite love in your life.
  • Do remember the Chakra factor If you want to stimulate a particular chakra, you should select a particular stone that works on that specific chakra. 
We hope our tips will help you select the right and best gemstones that make your life better!

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