The Healing Potential of Gemstones Helps to Triumph Over Abuse

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  • Updated On Mar 19, 2020
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The Healing Potential of Gemstones Helps to Triumph Over Abuse

The reprehensible or unacceptable form behavior towards an entity is termed as Abuse. It can be Physical, intellectual as well as emotional, no matter of what kind it always leaves a lasting psychological effect on the person. Abuse touches our soul and disturbs us so much that sometimes it becomes difficult to cope with. Every sort of abuse affect the whole functioning of the body if it is physical, the effect touches our spirit and make us emotionally as well as mentally weak. Emotional and intellectual too does the same and vice verse.

red heart pendant

The after effects of Abuse push us towards darkness, aloofness as well as sorrow. In some way or other in a life span we all come across the Abuse and feels the symptoms of its effects. The energies of the gemstones lend a hand out to support and to infuse the power to fight with this. The healing potency of Ruby and Lemurian quartz assist its holder to forget the harrowing past as well as deal with it courageously.


lemurian quartz gemstone pendant


Abuse if kept in the heart as it sorely disturbs the perception to take things in the future. One should fear and openly face the issue to find the way to escape from its shackle for forever. Mental and emotional abuses are much torchurable as they both proffers wounds that cannot be seen but can only be felt. These wounds give a psychological toll. Gemstones from ages appraised for healing and be a best friend of a person. They help you selflessly, without demanding anything in return.

To dispense with the subject of abuse, we require a strong suit and force of volition. Gemstones with crimson tint proffers both the abilities as well as help you win over the distressing abuse. Crimson crystals coalesce the vitality of the pure red ray and the ebullience of the orange rays. Both of these hue are the valuable present of the Mother Nature to us.

Crimson is the tint of potency moreover vivacity, as profuse the strength in both physical and spiritual torso. Crimson gemstones proffer the shield of protection and help you to fight for self by saving yourself from any physical harm. Anyone suffering from the issuance of the Physical issue must use the gem nugget of crimson hue. Further, crimson tint attracts positivity as well as suffuse the body with Vitality and devotion.

The intensity may vary, but lighter tints of crimson too profoundly assist the holder, as they hold the vehement quality that makes the holder more reliable. Lighter tints likewise proffer extra vigilance as well as the potential that help to resist temptation.

Abuse left the emotional and mental blocks in the torso of the victim, so carrying lighter tints of crimson gemstone assist in conquering the obstacles. They furthermore help to meditate and gain spiritual freedom.

Ruby energetically fuels the Base Chakra of the holder and further augment vivacity and chi energy into the torso. The activated life force energy then helps to let go the past and move towards the bright, positive future. It moreover proffers the vigor to fight for the right things as well as rights. It boosts up the liveliness of the spirit.

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Ruby endorses a stress-free intellect that further amplifies the concentration of its holder. It conveys a sense of power as well as enhance the inspiration. Ruby since ages speculates as a potential nugget that encourages self-confidence and determination of a soul who endures it. This inimitable capability helps the holder to surmount pusillanimousness furthermore drive one attain opulence.

ruby quartz gemstone ring

Ruby magnets the Universal Life Force to enter into the soul and life of the holder. Further, this nugget helps to find a right path in life.


Lemurian is an astounding gem nugget for its exceptional healing capabilities. The aptness of this gem helps in spiritual therapeutic. The unbalanced force and pious energy of the holder are cured with the usage of this nugget. It helps to provoke the senses that keep the individual in a balanced state. Further, it is used to get a sense of oneness to a soul suffering from feelings of aloofness. The healing power of this gem nugget triggers the Universal Life Force to facilitate the holder to grow up and persist him to move ahead in life, no matter what circumstances comes in betwixt. Further, it is a meditation gemstone as well as help to communicate with the divine soul.

lemurian quartz gemstone pendant


Rhodonite heals the broken heart along with the emotional wounds. It too mends the scars from the past along with the painful emotions. It holds the propensity to deal with the issues of abuse with cojones. This nugget holds a strong resonance with clemency as well as help out in the resolution of a long-standing abuse.

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Obsidian contemplates to revive and invigorate the heart of its holder after facing an emotional as well as intellectual stress. Obsidian mightily roots out the negative energies of the inner self as well as from the surrounding aura. It plays like a psychic cleaning stone, as it powerfully cleans the surrounding areas of disagreement as well as off-putting affections. It moreover helps to prevail over the physical, emotional as well as intellectual abuse. It proffers the courage to fight against abuse.

black obsidian gemstone ring

Abuse can be of any sort and can happen to anyone, any day in a long span of life. The individual who faces all this finds difficult to cope up and leads a low life of guilty and conscience.

snowflake obsidian gemstone bracelet

Further, abuse makes the person psychologically weak. Hence, taking help of gemstones is a good choice they without any harm show you the correct way as well as proffer you the potential to challenge the masses that are responsible for mistreating you. Gemstones hold the propensity to heal the overall body of a person by triggering all the chakras and ultimately help to lead a beautiful, stress-free life.

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