Shape up your Body using Gemstones

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On Aug 17, 2021
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Shape up your Body using Gemstones

Lifestyle, emotional stress or workload pressure often provokes a hunger feeling, and this sensation makes a person rotund. Then people want to lose weight without much effort not only this; people too want to copy their celebs and be like them fit, in perfect shape. When inquired about their ideal body image they say they want to drop off some extra kilos.

Gemstones can shape your body, they inspire you to exercise to tone up your body. Gemstones hold the propensity to suffuse the plenty of stored energy and aid you feel industrious. They too keep your mind busy, and so you feel less hungry.

Emotional stress contributes to the discharge of hormones cortisol and epinephrine that are potentially unsafe for the physical body. These stress hormones lead to the craving for sweets or beverages and makeup fat.

Stress or pressure of any sort loosens the grip, and we lose our gigantic key to weight loss. Control over eating habits is the most difficult job to accomplish.

Gemstones and their powerful color rays keep your body in shape. The resonating energy of the gem nuggets obliterates the issue of overeating and gaining weight. The gemstones help to balance the emotional self and root out the habit of emotional eating. The stones Variscite and Chrysocolla heal the emotional wounds and too keep us intellectually fit. Further, they master the eating disorder and keep the body in shape.

variscite jewelry utah variscite rnd necklace



Turquoise is a perfect gem to use, as its strong resonating vibes help to find the inner self moreover attain the state of equilibrium in life as well as feelings again. The perfect blend of Blue and Green hue creates a magnificent ray of Turquoise. Blue rays symbolize the trust of the sea creatures of the cold water that they would be alive, even in the chilliest winters. On the other hand, green rays symbolize the warm flicker of new growth and fresh spirit that comes out with the beginning breaths of the spring season. Turquoise due to its eminence, regarded as centering as well as a balancing gemstone. The rays of turquoise then speculate to control the emotional eating and keep its holder safe from getting obese.


Passion is necessary to lead a purposeful life, but when turns to excessive it becomes difficult to find the true self. The affluential and preeminent rays of turquoise help to re-center the emotions moreover keeps the mind stable. The energies of Turquoise help to restore tranquillity after a tempest mitigate stress as well as help to take steps to a straight path.


Turquoise helps to trounce conflict between heart and mind, furthermore deal with fury. The affirmative energy of turquoise serves to deal with malice effectively. The rays of turquoise gem nugget keep its holder relax as well as help to reinstate the state of equilibrium. Turquoise holds the propensity that aids to get control over the emotions. In the fast moving life, we often imagine a calm day that gives a freedom to understand self, turquoise is the gemstone that proffers the same. The vivacity of turquoise helps its holder to conquer stressful emotions as well as stop the emotional eating.

Variscite for its exalted properties speculates as a talisman of fortification. It proffers its holder a strength to negate the belligerence as well as inconsistencies of the daily life. The radiating vibes of this stone soothe the intellect and calm down the disturbing emotions to maintain balance in life. It too helps to achieve success in weight loss endeavors. It keeps the life balance to keep the eating habits on track, as emotional stress is the main cause of eating disorder and obesity.

Variscite moreover root out the sadness from the emotional torso by healing the past emotional wounds along with the indifference and rudeness. The zips of this rock take a firm hold on the energies of the universal life force that facilitates to gain strength of spirit and soul. The attributes of Variscite work effectually in mending the emotional eating disorder.

The energetic rays of this gemstone infuse the strength to ward off the off-putting energies and shield its holder from all sorts of stress.  The radiating energies of Variscite too drive away emotional anxiety and save from emotional eating. Further, it is a safe alternative for those suffering from discomfort and excess weight. The energies of this jewel nugget renovate the supremacy and force of inner harmony through spiritual realization. It is a stone of meditation that serves to make spirituality and internal serenity.

Being an emotional healer, Chrysocolla makes the holder learn about the virtues of keeping silent and expressing emotions both. The vitality of this stone chases away angry words, emotional struggles, and sarcastic thoughts. It permits one to share truth and wisdom with others through proper communication. For its eminent force, it is assessed as a gemstone of feminine potency. It is used for boosting up the creativity as well as driving out the ire.


Chrysocolla embraces the serenity and entices of turquoise-blue color that is considered great in discharging negative elements from the body thereby calming and tranquilizing inner wisdom and insight. Further, it helps to free yourself from the shackles of the excessive weight but too help to uphold the weight loss. It cleans the entire aura along with the torso to curb the emotional eating. It suppresses the craving by proffering impetus to the energy body. If people treat the root drive of the overeating, they will find themselves living a happier and more satisfying life.

blue chrysocolla

Chrysocolla powerful stone for those who speak for a living. Chrysocolla kindles the qualities of the wearer’s character so that he releases the anguish of negative emotions and makes him more human towards others.  It lets the wearer accept the perfection of the universe by providing the necessary knowledge in re-aligning the mental power, emotions, and the physical body. It further enhances the power and instills confidence in the one who wears it with the whole heart.


This powerful stone is meant to stimulate the throat chakra particularly. The activated chakras act as a part of a torso and help to curb the restless feelings as well as emotional eating. The potential power of Chrysocolla too triggers the heart chakra and help to align all the chakra for the proper functioning of the body. Chakras help to clean the entire body and make the way for the positive powers to resonate with the torso to and fro. Further the energies of Chrysocolla help in dealing with the flaws and ebb while being in the situation of emotional turmoil.

Angelite speculated as a stone of strength and acceptance too promote stillness. The calmness of this stone helps to deal with the emotional issues and control emotional eating.

angelite boho fringe necklace

handmade pastel blue angelite earring

Chlorite contemplates to augment the energy of an aura that help to control the eating habits as well.

wire silver pendant with chlorite quartz

The glow of the vividness of the gemstones benefits its wearer in lot many ways, but the thing is trust in their force. The effective energy of the stone mends the emotional torso moreover control weight issue.

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