Save your Life with the Power of Gemstones, say no to Accidents

By Gemexi Team | Gemology
  • Updated On Jan 22, 2020
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Save your Life with the Power of Gemstones, say no to Accidents

Stress is a big issue in today’s world; everyone worries about the future and the nameless. The future is something that neither can be conceived nor can be anticipated. Thus, the precautions are unknown to deliver ourselves from whatever kind of mishap.

Misfortunes are the part, and parcel of life and the biggest drawback is they never tap the door before coming. Tragedies act a stumbling block in the happy moments of life, but the hardest truth of life that they cannot be restricted from impending.

Hardships and tragedies are unknown to us, but yet we chose to take a cover, a policy if in case something unpleasing or aesthetic form comes in the way of life. Nature has too gifted us a unique treasure that holds the unbelievable potency to guard the person against all sorts of troubles that may arise in life.

It’s true that we all are obscure to future and future circumstances of the life, so carrying the enticing gemstones not only enhance the beauty but too shield you from the harms.

The physical accident is a kind of misfortune from which we cannot save ourselves, it is swift and does not give time to extricate ourselves. So, here the need of gemstones arises as they conserve us from the troubles as well as cause no harm.

green malachite ring

The resonating energies of the gemstones hold the propensity that only brings positivity in the life. In fact, the word negative too cannot come near to a person due to its powerful, optimistic effect.

Gemstones act as a shielding jewel nugget that obliterates the negative energies from the internal aura as well as from the besieging. They keep the person safe and secure like a mother keeps her child safe from all the negative of the surroundings.

malachite (pilot's-stone) pendant

The color energies of the gemstone too play a significant role in keeping the person safe from all the difficulties of the life. The color of growth and prosperity, Green first comes to the mind when we talk about happiness. In the lap of Nature, Green contemplates as a better tint in the stone to ward off negativity and fills the life with happiness. Further, the energies of the green too keep the person safe from mishaps and accidents.

The arrival of Spring in Nature’s cycle too brings the riches of green in nature as well as life. Green holds the power of the life force of nature that symbolize creation and development in addition to constant renewal.

malachite mens ring

Green tinted gemstones speculate to be a perfect gem jewel to keep with self, as it does not help in accomplishing the goals and the task successfully. But to keep the person safe from the accidents and other harms.

Green tints of the gemstone often contemplate being allied with the Heart Chakra that helps to standardize the interaction with the external world. The energies of the green gemstones too control the things we embrace in life as well as release out the negativity by rooting out the things we resist.

Green tints of the gemstone promise good health, renewal as well as keep you safe from the accidents.

Green hues in the gemstone that helps to prevent accidents are Malachite and Green Jasper. Further, the dark tints of the gemstone act a pre-eminent stone of protection.

The dark tinted gemstones like chrome tourmaline as well as Aventurine contemplates holding the secret of black as well, hence regarded as a proficient stone to guard away the negative energies and protect the person from accidents.

charming green tourmaline quartz ring

aventurine pendant

The green tinted gemstones too appraised for the physical growth and proffered the physical strength. The vibrating energies of the gemstone make the person more flexible as well as adaptable to the situation.

Green hued gemstones assessed to bring the good fortune in the life of a person along with providing the guard that prevents the occurrence of the accidents.

Malachite, a dark and deep green gemstone act as a protective amulet proffers the shield to a person that protects him from meeting an accident.

green (pilot's-stone) mens ring

The beauty of Malachite allures the person to hold it in his jewel box as well as wear it. The potency of this gemstone proffers the charm moreover protection to a soul. It brings good fortune in the life along with the military capability to face the challenges of the life effortlessly.

green malachite (pilot's-stone) round dangle earrings

Malachite too heals the physical troubles along with the emotional and drive out the blockages that create hindrance in stimulating the life force energy. Furthermore, the vigor of this stone root out the negativity from the internal aura as well as a body to keep the torso intact.

green malachite men ring

Malachite, a protective stone shields the person from facing hardships of life as well as accidents. As a supportive stone, it represents a proficient nugget for the people cultivating in a hazardous atmosphere or at a place where accidents are common.

green malachite mens ring

Green Jasper like Malachite too act a protective stone and helps to keep the person safe from accidents. Since ages, this stone is appraised for its powerful protective ability.

Green Jasper too proffers protection from the spiritual realm. It likewise brings courage and wisdom to face as well as accept the challenges of the unknown turns of the life.

Green Jasper also drives out the malign spirits and from centuries regarded to guard the soul against the negative vibes of the ghosts, witchcrafts as well as harmful fantasies. It keeps the person safe from drowning, so contemplates best for the people like a fisherman, or in the fishing profession, sea divers or any other who work near the sea. It obliterates the sorrow from the emotional torso.

Green Jasper proffers good health and gives relief to the troubles of the abdomen including the lower abdomen, hormones as well as lungs. Like all other jaspers, it too holds the propensity to make a connection with the base chakra that helps to stabilize the energies of a person and to gain the positive vibes of the Earth.

Green Jasper too balance the yin/yang energies that help to align the overall torso of a person.

Fire Opal also has got the potential to create the changes in life that give progress and riches for the from now on. It too boosts up the personal power of a person that awakens the inner urge to face the circumstances of the life strongly.

australian fire opal peacock ring

Fire Opal also save the person from dangers and accidents.

australian fire opal tortoise ring

Turquoise speculates as a protective stone. It keeps the person safe from the unwelcoming moments of life like accidents or life-threatening dangers.

blue sleeping beauty turquoise butterfly adjustable ring

Turquoise too assessed to bring luck to life.

stunning blue sleeping beauty turquoise ring

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